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RedMagic CyberPods Wireless Earbuds Are Great For Gamers, Here’s Why

Nubia’s RedMagic CyberPods wireless earbuds come with features that are likely to make them of specific interest to gamers, and especially on mobile. RedMagic CyberPods are Nubia’s attempt at revolutionizing wireless gaming headphones. With this launch, the company hopes to rival other wireless earbud companies during the holiday stretch. For traveling gamers that are looking to […]

Fresh Prince’s Original Plan Was Will Smith vs Uncle Phil

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air special reveals that the original focus was Will Smith vs Uncle Phil. Here’s why it shifted to Will and Carlton. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air special reveals that the show’s original focus was the friction between Will Smith and Uncle Phil. Directed by Marcus Raboy, the 30th anniversary celebration features commentaries from several main cast members, all […]