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Lockdown had us all in the kitchen baking banana breads but as life resumes its regular pace, you may find yourself with no time for your chef duties anymore. We always had dabbawalas, but Mumbai now has a number of subscription meal services that deliver fresh, healthy meals to your doorstep and even customize them to your specific dietary needs. For now, you can keep the pots and pans away and work from home, without worrying about cooking your next meal.

9 subscription meal services in Mumbai

Food Darzee 

As the name suggests, this meal delivery service ensures that every single meal you eat is tailored to your specific needs. Food Darzee’s core belief is that healthy living is for everyone, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, they create customized meals based on your lifestyle, gender, medical conditions, body type and preferences via personal consultations with an assigned nutritionist. This nutritionist will also follow-up with you regularly, track your progress and tweak your meal plan as and when required. Choose between the Ketogenic plan, the flexible plan and the high protein low-carb plan, and get four meals delivered to you for a duration of five to 90 days, depending on what works best for you.
Monthly plan for Rs29,400. Order here

Baesic Fit 

Your journey with Baesic Fit starts with you choosing a health goal and a diet plan. You may want to lose weight, gain weight or just gain muscle. Pick a health goal that you’re working towards and choose a diet that you’re most comfortable with. You can opt for the ketogenic diet, with high fat and negligible carbs for weight loss or the high protein low carb diet for weight maintenance. If neither of those work for you, there’s also the wholesome diet plan, which makes sure your meals are not as restricted but nutrient-dense and well-balanced-perfect for those trying to eat more mindfully. Once you’ve made these important choices, you can get between 1-4 meals delivered to you each day for three, 30, 90 or 180 days.
Monthly plan starts at Rs7,500. Order here

Happy Grub 

This meal-delivery service is all about food that makes you happy. Here, you can prepare a personalised meal plan with in-house nutrition experts and have balanced meals delivered to you by Mumbai’s famous dabbawalas. You can pick between regular healthy meals, Jain meals and diabetic-friendly meals, depending on your needs. Every meal includes a combination of whole grains, protein, fibre and probiotics, all packed together with heaps of flavour. Go for the eco meal, with a vegetable, dal, chapatis and a salad, if you want to keep it simple. Or choose between a mini and executive meal if you want bigger portion sizes and more options like brown rice, curd, buttermilk and more vegetables. You can avail of the service for a week, a month or three months.
Monthly plan starts at Rs2,719. Order here

Calorie Care 

Calorie Care brings together a team of chefs and dieticians to create meals that are tasty and varied, and embrace a healthy lifestyle over health trends or fad diets. With this service, you can customize your meal plans based on your diet, your veg/non-veg preferences, portion sizes and cuisines so you get food that is best suited for you. There are also specialized meal plans for common health issues, like hypertension diets, diabetes diets as well as low sodium diets. Depending on your fitness routine, you can even go for a weight loss or weight training meal plan that supports your daily exercise. Within each plan, you can pick from regional favourites, south-Indian cuisine and international cuisines like Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Italian to keep your meals fresh and exciting. If you prefer to get your nutrition on the go, there are also muesli meals and breakfast smoothies available in jars, that you can include in your plan.
Order here

Spice Box

Spice Box is perfect if you’re craving home food but simply don’t have the time to cook it for yourself. The service offers simple, tasty, fresh home-style food, using minimal oil and masalas so you can enjoy familiar flavours without worrying about your health. You can kiss monotonous food goodbye because here, each meal is unique and no two meals are repeated for a whole month. Pick a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or alternating meal plan based on your preferences and enjoy a wholesome and delicious lunch and dinner, without having to even step into the kitchen.
Monthly plan from Rs5,800. Order here

Activ Eat 

Founded by Pranay and Amit Jham, who have a background in cooking and nutrition, Activ Eat is all about aligning your fitness goals with your diet. Along with your meals, you can also get regular nutritional guidance, a workout regime suited to your needs and a weekly progress tracker that will help keep you on track. Choose from a low carb, keto, vegan or balanced meal plan and two-four fresh, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. You can even take a salad bowl subscription to load up on your fibres, vitamins and healthy fats with a lip-smacking tabbouleh falafel salad or a crunchy almond crushed feta beetroot salad.
Monthly plans from Rs16,500. Order here

Vital Foods 

Established in 2003, Vital Foods is headed by Sunali Parikh-a dietician and nutritionist committed to facilitating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Here, you can pick between regular and diet meals, as well as mini-meals and snacks. A standard meal includes dal, a vegetable, rotis, rice and a salad, along with juice or buttermilk as an extra addition. If you like your meals to have some variety, go for the combo meal plans that include European and Thai cuisines along with the regular Indian fare. You can even customize your meals based on your specific needs. If you have medical restrictions due to diabetes, lactose intolerance and allergies or have special requirements due to surgeries or illnesses, the service can take those into consideration and tailor-make meals that work for you. Folks in Fort, Churchgate, Bandra, Santacruz and Parel can order away and enjoy the hearty food every day.
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Herbivore is founded by Bela Gupta, a passionate lover of food and cooking, who collected over 3,000 recipes through the course of her travels around the world. This meal service is a vegetarian’s dream come true, with a wide range of options to pick from, beyond the standard restaurant offerings in the city. Meals include dishes from global cuisines, like Greek tabbouleh salads, burrito bowls and lentil risottos, along with Indian dishes like Kerala stew, dal makhani, Gujarati kadhi and methi thepla. The meals come with steaming hot soups or cooling drinks like lemonade and healthy smoothies, and sometimes even include desserts like gluten-free brownies.
Monthly plans from Rs7,000. Order here

Hello Green

With ingredients sourced from local farms, Hello Green provides chef-inspired, farm-to-table meals at affordable prices. The company is headed by a strong team, which includes CEO and co-founder Sanjay Ghai, chef Vicky Ratnani and Scootsy founder Rishi Khiani. Their vegan plan offers wholesome, plant-based meals that are completely unprocessed and include dishes like kale, chickpea and brown rice khichdi and whole wheat penne with sauteed veggies. There are also fitness meal plans, like the “Get Shredded” and “Bulk Up” plans that include foods that go best with your workout routine.
24-day plans from Rs13,400. Order here








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