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Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables

Produce from Krishi Cress. Image: Krishi Cress via Business Standard

From locally-grown avocados to salad greens and artisanal cheeses, these online stores and farms in Delhi will help make your meals healthier as well as amp up their gourmet quotient. Most of these online delivery services received a boost during the nation-wide lockdown when accessing your local sabziwalla became tricky. Yet, even as the world opens up the range of produce, the ease with which this wholesome seasonal produce reaches your doorstep, makes indulging and enjoying fresh and seasonal produce even more satisfying.

Here’s where you can order fresh vegetables and farm produce when in Delhi

Krishi Cress

Started by Archintya Anand in 2014, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Krishi Cress grows their produce on a farm located in Chattarpur. In the past year, they also made a significant impact as they worked to deliver fresh produce to households during the nation-wide lockdown and started selling more immunity-boosting products to consumers. From seasonal fruits, to a variety of vegetables such as avocados, purple cauliflower and kale, the farm offers a range of freshly grown produce. If the greens aren’t enough, you can also find an assortment of their Kombucha blends, with each blend concocted with a different mix of plant based ferments whether it’s dandelion roots or hibiscus. Order here

Nature’s Miracle

Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables
Nature’s Miracle

Established in 2016, Nature’s Miracle grows their produce in a four-hectare glass greenhouse, with their agriculturists keeping a close eye on the conditions of the vegetation and growth through hydroponic processes and techniques. Be it tomatoes, cucumbers or berries, everything on the farm is grown in a pollution-free, controlled environment and according to the best global standards and without any GMO seeds. Order here

Tijara Organic Farm

After a postgraduate degree in plant genetics, founder Sneh Yadav took the initiative to develop and nurture Tijara into a sustainable, biodynamic farm in 2011. Located in the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, Tijara focuses on using responsible farming techniques. From sesame to pumpkin, purslane and baby spinach, everything is grown and harvested according to the best practices. Tijara’s other offerings include fresh cheese from the milk that comes from the cows and goats on their farm. They also grow a range of millets and other grains which goes into a special gluten-free flour which they use in artisanal sourdough breads. Contact – 9810115396 or DM on Instagram here

I Say Organic

Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables
Portobello Mushroom from I Say Organic

You don’t need to look any further for your daily farm-fresh ingredients to cook your next meal. Choose from over 300 types of products sourced from farmers from 13 different states across India. These include spices sourced from Kerala, certain types of grains from Uttarakhand and seasonal fruits from Maharashtra. Their online portal displays an array of options where you can choose from fresh, seasonal products or a wide variety of spices including cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and saffron. To order online or via WhatsApp click here

Kaze Living 

The three founders of Kaze Living, Anisha Goel, Shruti Jain and Abhishek Dalal, began this venture when they saw the need in the market for pesticide-free produce. Kaze Living specialises in soil-free farming techniques that are used to grow leafy greens such as spinach, kale and parsley as well as bell peppers. You can also choose from their selection of produce sourced from other soiless farms. Their well-designed logistics and delivery also ensures maximum freshness. Order here

The Altitude Store

Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables 3
Bombrie Cheese at The Altitude Store

Founder, Ayesha Grewal started The Altitude Store after she realized that there was a need for fresh, organically sourced food items in India. The ten-year-old store currently stocks over 3000 organic products that consciously eliminate any use of synthetic agro-chemicals. Take a look at their website to see the range of spicy herbs, fresh vegetables, and scrumptious artisanal cheeses, among many other products. To order online or via WhatsApp click here

Nature’s Soul

Inspired by his travels to the Himalayas, Arjun Sahni started Nature’s Soul, a store where his love for nature, natural produce, and the benefits of unadulterated food came together. Sahni tied up with select farmers and independent brands to source and curate a selection of high quality products that are good for you and the planet. The store’s offerings include vegan and gluten free products including vegan cheese slices, chocolates and almond milk as well as fresh produce like beetroot, baby potatoes, sun melons and raspberries. To order online or via WhatsApp click here

Ehsaas Organic Farms

Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables - farms
Produce by Ehsaas Organic Farms

Located in Manesar, Ehsaas Organic Farms, owned by Rashmi and Rajeev Bhansali, started off with Rashmi growing her own vegetables to avoid consuming chemically treated produce. From then on, this venture has taken a big leap. It now delivers freshly baked loaves of bread, locally sourced honey, and various other seasonal vegetables and fruits right to your door. Order via WhatsApp here

The Roots | Natural and Organic Food Store

Founded by Daisy and Rakesh Malik in 2010 in order to find healthy alternatives for their grandson who had multiple food allergies, this store believes in the power of naturally grown, chemical-free products. Their carefully curated selection of produce ranges from microgreens and seasonal fruits to fresh vegetables from farms like Krishi Cress. They also stock a variety of other items like Kombucha and artisanal cheeses. Order here

Tall Tree

Delhi - online vendor of Organic, Vegetables tall tree
Rainbow Chard grown by Tall Tree

After managing several institutional food and supply chain projects, Tanuj founded Tall Tree, a company born out of his passion for fresh produce and farming. Tall Tree works to provide freshly harvested vegetables from selected farms from Sonipat to Faridabad. You can pick anything from probiotic tonics to fresh exotic fruits from their weekly seasonal subscription list or create an independent order. To order contact – 9811905182, order here or use their clickable order form here

The Prodigal Farms

The farm-to-fork venture located in Noida, supplies their produce online and offers a unique experience where a farm visit is followed by an introduction to different farming techniques. Visitors can also enjoy a seven-course meal on site made purely out of all the produce around you. If you are ordering online, you can pick things like cherry tomatoes, banana stems, edible flowers as well as freshly baked goods from their wholesome farm bakery. To book a day at the farm click here. To order online or via WhatsApp click here






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