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There’s never been a better time to support your local businesses. And when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, the ever-innovating city of Bengaluru has a lot to offer. From south Indian staples such as yams and coconut to international ingredients like asparagus, dragon fruit and bok choy, these farms and farmer networks are making sure every Bengaluru kitchen is stocked with the best organic produce. 

Here’s where you can order fresh fruits and vegetables online in Bengaluru

Gourmet Garden

With a commitment to provide the freshest, most flavourful fruits and vegetables, Gourmet Garden grows their produce in contamination-free environments. How, you ask? They follow a naturoponic farming method—a patented technology that uses RO quality water and no soil to eliminate the two major sources of contamination. Along with this, they also use non-GMO seeds and harvest produce only after you order, to make sure your fruits and vegetables are as fresh as they get. Here, you can buy everything, from basics like onions, tomatoes and ginger to oyster mushrooms, spices and dry fruits. There are also curated bundles and baskets based on your varied needs, like the Snacking bundle, which includes snacking peppers, cherry tomatoes and English cucumbers. If you don’t want to think of what to cook one day, go for the medleys and mixes that make for a fun DIY cooking experience, minus the decisions. You can pick from salad, soup and smoothie medleys, depending on the craving of the day. Order here

Green DNA 

This company does farm-to-table in classic Bengaluru style, with the tagline Namma farm-to-Nimma Table. As per the company’s website, all the produce is 100% organically cultivated and harvested, without the use of any chemicals or preservatives. Instead, they combine the advantages of international technology with traditional, indigenous wisdom on farms, to grow produce that is healthy and nutritious and comes from the company’s own or associated local farms. Along with a wide range of fruits and vegetables, they also offer organic seeds, pastes and mixes like peanut chutney powder, chia seeds, ginger garlic paste and almond oil. There are also several ayurveda products like aloe vera, neem leaves and giloy to boost your immunity. And when you’re in the mood to treat yourself, feel free to add potted plants and organic handmade soaps to your order. Order here.

Woolly Farms 

Founded by Nithun KV, Thamam Mubarish and CV Prakash, Woolly Farms’ work is rooted in a strong belief in sustainability and an aim to build food security for a better future. Named after the Woolly Mammoth that went extinct during the Ice Age, this company draws all its inspiration from nature, with a keen awareness of climate change. In urban farms built across Bengaluru, they combine natural farming techniques with modern practices like hydroponics, aeroponics and bio-mimicry to adapt to changing environments, while still ensuring quality produce. While the classic Indian fruits and vegetables are always available here, there’s also a whole range of exotic produce on the table. Bok choy, kale, lemongrass, brussel sprouts, dragonfruit, thai longan lychee and blueberries are a few stellar examples. Apart from fruit and vegetables, there are also artisanal cheeses and breads, along with vegan items like flavoured tofu, granola and vegan cheese spread. Order here

Yarroway Farms 

Founded by Kabir and Anjali, both second-generation organic farmers, Yarroway Farm located a little over 200kms from Bengaluru, has been named after the resilient yarrow plant on their farm. The couple relies almost entirely on naturally available resources to run their farm, without any external inputs or additions. This means they grow their own fresh fodder, practice rainwater harvesting and follow seasonal growing patterns to ensure the best, freshest produce possible. Here, you can get your hands on heirloom vegetables and greens, tubers and fruits, along with fresh herbs like basil, thyme and rosemary. There are also spices, including ginger and turmeric, as well as cold-pressed oils, jaggery and malts. Order here 

Living Food Company 

Living Food Company is friends with the finest local farmers, bakers, brewers and food artisans, all to make sure that you get the best possible produce delivered to your doorstep. The company focuses on reducing the distance between the source and the consumer as much as possible, so that freshness is guaranteed. Here, you can get all your fresh greens and vegetables, along with fresh salad boxes available on pre-order. There’s everything from organic green peppercorn and mango ginger to varieties of lettuce and microgreens. Apart from produce, you can also buy spices and condiments, breakfast staples like oats and granola as well as freshly baked breads, artisanal chocolates, tofu and pure cold-pressed oils. With a subscription to their services, you can bid farewell to regular grocery store visits and have everything delivered to your kitchen instead. Order here


When brothers Bharat and Pradeep Reddy began farming on their ancestral lands in Andhra Pradesh after their education, they grew cognizant of the many obstacles a farmer has to deal with. Adapting to new technology, earning a decent income and keeping up with the costs of chemical fertilisers and pesticides were just a few such examples. The duo began Farmstop with the aim to empower and educate farmers and give them the opportunity to improve their income and lifestyle. Today, Farmstop has over 80 acres of farmland in Andhra Pradesh, just 120kms from Bengaluru, where they grow a variety of organic vegetables, seasonal fruits and greens. You can pick from pre-made baskets, like the Native Fruit Variety basket, which includes papayas, yelakki bananas and muskmelons, along with a seasonal fruit of your choice. You can even take a subscription to their services and have a small, medium or large basket of fruits and vegetables delivered to your home every week. Order here

Just Organics 

Founded by Manju and Rajeev Pillai, Just Organics caters to conscious consumers looking for organic produce in and around Bellandur in Bengaluru. The couple sources all their products from trusted national and local suppliers, including the Organic Farmer’s Society. There’s all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer here, including some indigenous produce like amaranth, banana stem and banana flowers. While vegetables are available any day of the week, keep in mind that the fruits are stocked seasonally. Depending on the months you’re ordering in, you could get your hands on mangoes, persimmons, wood apples and star fruits. Order here

Lumiere Organic 

Lumiere was founded by Manjunath Pankkaparambil in Kochi in 2002, following which he moved to Bengaluru in 2009, where the company continues to grow even today. With a ‘seed-to-table’ approach, Lumiere has several brick-and-mortar organic stores along with an e-store and an organic restaurant. On their farm in Varthu, Bengaluru, vegetables and fruits are cultivated using traditional methods like natural fertilisers, farmyard manure and compost. They offer all the classic Indian vegetables, along with south Indian staples like raw banana, a variety of gourds, yam and freshly grated coconut. There are also fruits like mulberry, melons and figs on offer, along with international ingredients like mushrooms, zucchini and lettuce mixes as well as herbs like Brahmi leaves and Doddapatre or Ajwain leaves. Order here

Healthy Buddha 

As a child, Gautham PB would help his father Murali run weekly organic farmers markets in Chennai. When he grew up, despite his well-paying job and corporate life, something about those days spent around fresh food and committed farmers called out to him. In 2014, he co-founded Healthy Buddha in Bengaluru to bring healthy, organic produce to every doorstep in the city. Today, the company sources produce from its own farms and even works with a network of local organic farmers. Here, you can pick from a wide range of vegetables and fruits, including unusual offerings like smoked garlic, avarakkai, banana stems, mango ginger, passion fruit, red bananas and tree tomatoes. There is also a selection of international vegetables like asparagus, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and avocados, along with leafy greens and microgreens. Order here

Madhavi Farms 

Madhavi Farms is a 20-acre organic estate, established in 1998 in Bengaluru, which is now a biodiversity hotspot with thousands of plant varieties. The farm uses aquaponics—a combination of aquaculture and horticulture—to grow a wide range of chemical and pesticide-free vegetables. Their method makes their farm more energy-efficient and lowers their carbon footprint, making it a sustainable endeavour. Their products include fresh vegetables and fruits, like heirloom tomatoes, beans, Malaysian apples and star fruits, along with aromatic herbs and greens like swiss chard, oakleaf and butterhead. Order here

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