Young Driver Pretends To Sleep In His Tesla Model 3 With Autopilot Engaged

Tesla’s Autopilot may be quite advanced but it does not provide complete autonomous driving and requires users to remain attentive at all times. Despite this, a number of Tesla owners continue to abuse the system and post their stunts on social media.

One particular video posted to TikTok last November, which has just re-surfaced, shows a young male pretending to sleep both in the driver’s seat and in the rear of his white Model 3 while it drives down a highway with Autopilot enabled.

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The man in question, Johnathon Cox, posted a behind-the-scenes video of his stunt on his YouTube channel. It shows him placing a weighted band on the steering wheel of the Tesla to ensure the Autopilot system wouldn’t engage and when out on the road, he reclines the driver’s seat and pretends to sleep. Later on, he jumps into the rear of the Tesla and once again, pretends to be sleeping. Meanwhile, his mom is sitting in the passenger seat and filming the whole thing.

Tesla requires those using its Autopilot system to have their hands on the wheel at all times and keep their eyes on the road. Not only is Cox not following those rules but his video also shows him breaking a host of driving laws, as The Drive explains.


Updated: January 22, 2021 — 8:04 pm

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