The Rimac C_Two Hasn’t Sold Out, But You May Have To Wait If You Want One


Mate Rimac, founder of Rimac Automobilli, took to Facebook yesterday to clear up some misunderstandings about his supercar’s sales numbers.

The Croatian supercar manufacturer says that although sales are going well, the C_Two is not sold out. That’s great news for well-heeled EV enthusiasts, but doesn’t mean you can pick one up tomorrow.

Rimac blames a mistake in an article with the company’s Head of Sales, which misstated that the car was sold out, for the misunderstanding.

“While it is not unusual for hypercars to be sold-out before they go into production, that is usually only the case for established brands like Ferrari,” he wrote, explaining, though, that the company doesn’t push people into making commitments.

The C_Two is a new car from a new manufacturer in a new automotive space, the company wants to allow people all the time they need to make up their minds about the cars. In some cases that has included test drives (Nico Rosberg, Richard Hammond), but that’s not easy.

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Although the company has a few prototypes around, there are a few problems. First of all, they don’t necessarily reflect the build quality of the final product. Secondly, the company needs those to test with.

“While we have made lots of prototypes already, we need every second of them for development, testing and homologation,” said Rimac. “It is always difficult to squeeze in customer test drives as it impacts testing.”

The good news for the Rimac sales department, though, is that some people have decided to commit despite the limited information. The first full year of production has been spoken for.

“I was never scared of not selling the cars – I am sure that there will be more demand than the 150-unit limit that we have set ourselves,” wrote Rimac. “What I am working day and night on is to make sure that the car is as perfect as possible.”

Something I wanted to clear up for a long time. During an interview with our Head of Sales a couple of years ago, a…

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Updated: January 20, 2021 — 6:20 pm

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