Your New Ford Kuga Can Keep Its Windshield From Fogging Up

Imagine yourself out for a jog or riding a bicycle on a particularly cold day, and then having to get in your car immediately afterwards. It can easily result in the entire cabin steaming up, which can make you late if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

However, if your car is a latest-generation Ford Kuga, such issues are things of the past thanks to the so-called Windscreen Weather Station system.

It works by detecting moisture in the air, as well as changes in the temperature of the glass, and automatically activates the air conditioning system if necessary, selecting the required airflow setting before the glass has a chance to mist over.

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The unit itself measures 5×3 cm (2×1 inches) and is located on the windshield, near the rear-view mirror. Its several sensors not only help the Kuga with this minor visibility issue, but will also help improve fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions by reducing the usage of the air conditioning system’s compressor.


“Waiting for your windscreen to clear after exercising is one of life’s little irritations – but driving without being able to clearly see the view ahead can be dangerous. This technology anticipates the problem and deals with it without the driver even knowing.”

Furthermore, drivers can use the FordPass app in order to defrost the windshield and set a cabin temperature before even starting their journey. Then there’s the carmaker’s patented QuickClear technology, which Ford claims will de-ice the glass in seconds at the touch of a button.

In Europe, the Ford Kuga is available with three electrified powertrains: plug-in hybrid, hybrid and mild-hybrid, featuring front and all-wheel drive.


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Updated: January 18, 2021 — 2:33 pm

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