Aston Martin Works Will Be Offering Factory Vantage Grille Swaps


In 2018, Aston Martin introduced their new Vantage, and along with it came a very polarizing grille. The Vulcan-inspired “Hunter” grille has been very divisive, so much so that it led some companies to offer a more traditional grille as a replacement. However, Aston Martin has listened, and will now be providing factory grille swaps for those who wish to do so.

Back in October, Aston Martin began to offer their “Vane” front grille on the newer Vantage models, which came as a result of “feedback from customers in some markets,” saying they allegedly preferred a “softer, more refined, or more traditional front-end choice that closer resembled what one might find on the DB11, in comparison to the standard, more aggressive, muscular Vantage design”. And it seems they were right, as many people found it better, if not perfect solution to the problem. As such, that is the grille Aston will be providing as the optional replacement.

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An Aston Martin representative told Road & Track via email that the conversion process, which includes a new bumper cover and splitter, can be completed at any Aston dealership despite the announcement coming from the company’s UK-based Works division. That means even American customers unsatisfied with their current grille can get it swapped out.

Aston Martin didn’t quote pricing, as the new equipment has to be paint-matched to the rest of the car, so labor and paint cost can vary depending on location.

Updated: January 18, 2021 — 8:24 am

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