That’s A Buick? Fancy-Headlighted GM EV From CES Was Not A Corvette SUV


GM has now made explicit that two of the unnamed EVs in their CES presentation were, after all, Buicks bound for China.

The EVs were part of GM’s big presentation, preparing the world for its electric aspiration. It featured three obscured and badgeless vehicles (among others). The lack of clarity led to speculation, inciting some (including yours truly) to ponder if it was the long-rumored Corvette SUV.

Mike Simcoe, the man in the screenshot you see, has clarified to Roadshow, though, that the two EVs behind the Cadillac are, in fact, Buicks. Which kind of makes sense, since the bigger one’s headlights appear to be exaggerate versions of the smaller EV’s.

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These may be the latest iteration of Buick’s Enspire design language. That concept was released in 2018 with headlights whose DRLs similarly angled downward (albeit more aggressively) at either end.

The concept was a view to Buick’s future in China, which these EVs also appear to be designed for. It would therefore make sense that they would use the Enspire’s design language and it would also make sense that in the last nearly three years the language has evolved.

So, no Corvette SUV? Not so fast

While the vehicle teased in GM’s presentation wasn’t the Corvette SUV after all, that doesn’t mean it’s a bust. Earlier today we reported that people familiar with GM’s projects told Bloomberg that the Detroit carmaker is considering at least one electric SUV inspired by the Corvette. The sources said that GM has designers working on a number of Corvette-branded concept vehicles that “blend Corvette’s reputation for high-performance driving and rakish styling with creature comforts such as more interior room and storage”.

We reached out to GM but they declined to comment on the matter.

Updated: January 15, 2021 — 10:24 pm

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