Work Anywhere With The Nissan NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept


Working from your car has never sounded so liberating thanks Nissan’s latest concept. Based on the NV350 Caravan, the “Office Pod” is the perfect business camper for the pandemic.

Sick of working in your cramped office, hunched over a desk, sat on a kitchen chair? Miss your commute? Tired of the view at home? These problems and more can be solved by the Office Pod, unveiled ahead of the virtual 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The interior has a desk and office chair that both slide out of the rear of the vehicle. These are finished in a very modern and officey white and they slide out under the hatch to provide more room inside the NV350 Caravan, as well as a (hopefully) lovely view outside.

With a couple of steps that can be placed next to the sliding door, getting in and out of the Office Pod is easy. It also looks like there’s a kettle for tea or coffee, which – is it really an office if it doesn’t have coffee-making facilities?

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The best feature, by far, though is the sun deck up top. Complete with parasol and wicker lounger, it’s the perfect place to escape to for your lunch break, or after a long day of sliding you heavy office out of the back of your NV350 Caravan.

The only thing it doesn’t seem to come with is coworkers who will steal your lunch out of the fridge and say they never saw it while sipping coffee out of your favorite mug.

The exterior, though, is covered in a vinyl wrap, giving the NV350 a more office-like finish.

Although this is just a concept that would probably have more than a few flaws in real life (I guess you’d need to work at a campsite or a truck stop?), the fantasy of this is pretty appealing right now. Who wouldn’t want to be able to escape their house and spend the day ignoring a lovely park or along the water while you finish those TPS reports? Hook up some wifi and send me off into nature.

Updated: January 14, 2021 — 3:03 pm

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