Renault Unveils New Mobilize Brand With Tiny EZ-1 Electric Two Seater


This is the new Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype, a new concept for shared urban mobility and the first product of Renault Group’s new Mobilize brand.

Mobilize will offer purpose-designed vehicles for mobility services, such as EV charging, finance, and subscription, as well as data processing software, maintenance and recycling services for car-sharing fleets.

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Renault’s new mobility unit is currently developing four vehicles for ride-sharing and last-mile delivery, with the first one being the EZ-1. The tiny two-seater EV measures 2.3 meters long and features top-to-bottom glass doors for a “completely uninterrupted view of the surrounding urban landscape”.

In addition, the new Mobilize EZ-1 features an innovative battery exchange system, as an alternative to the traditional charging infrastructure, to ensure that it can be used non-stop without having to be out of service.

Renault says that the Mobilize EZ-1 is made with 50 percent recycled materials and will be 95 percent recyclable at the end of its life cycle, courtesy of Renault’s facilities at the Flins ‘Re-Factory’.

“The Mobilize EZ-1 Prototype is a mobility device that will blend in with the city,” said Patrick Lecharpy, Mobilize Design director. “Agile, dynamic, and inclusive, it is emblematic of the new Mobilize brand. It accompanies users in their lifestyle change towards more efficient and responsible mobility.”

“Beyond automotive, Mobilize will offer a wide array of innovative services in the mobility, energy, and data fields,” said Clotilde Delbos, CEO, Mobilize Brand. “With a variety of partners, our goal is to maximize car usage with simplified, more sustainable and accessible mobility journeys for people and goods, while reducing the environmental impact”.

Updated: January 14, 2021 — 12:27 pm

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