Pickup Takes Out Lamp Post While Trying To Do Donuts


Dallas, Texas has a significant underground racing scene and it appears that, during a meet, a number of people gathered together, blocked off an intersection and were doing donuts. The driver of a pickup decided to get involved in the action but things didn’t go as planned.

This video shows the white pickup entering the intersection with at least two passengers hanging out of the windows. As the driver kicks out the truck’s rear-end, it slams directly into an electric pole. The pole falls to the ground and triggers an explosion along the cables of the traffic lights.

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Those attending the meet seem frightened at what happened and immediately start running. It also looks as though some of the cars attending quickly began to flee the scene, no doubt thinking that the authorities would soon arrive.

Like so many other incidents similar to this, the crash was entirely avoidable had the driver of the pickup not tried to, or at least knew how to, do a donut in the middle of the intersection. The angle at which the driver approached the intersection to kick out the rear of the truck was all wrong and bound to end badly.

Truck hits pole while trying to do donuts from r/IdiotsInCars

Updated: January 13, 2021 — 5:11 pm

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