Tesla Opens Its Largest Supercharger Station In China

Tesla’s growing Supercharger network is only getting larger, and the EV maker has just announced its largest station yet.

Located in Shanghai, IT features 72 stalls and beats the company’s previous record of 56 stalls found in their Firebaugh station in California. However, unlike the California station, which is outdoors, this new one will be covered.

Below are some photos of the site taken by twitter user @JayInShanghai.

The station is located at Jing’an International Center, an important commercial district in Shanghai. According to Engadget, however, all 72 stalls are said to be using V2 Superchargers that produce up to 150 kW, while the 56 stalls in the California station use 250 kW V3 chargers. That will mean a longer charge time at the Shanghai station, but it might be a moot point for some Tesla owners as only the Model 3 and Model Y support V3 charging in the first place.

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The Chinese market, where Tesla delivered over 20,000 locally manufactured Model 3s, plays a key role in the company’s plans. They reportedly manufactured 23,000 EVs overall at the Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3 in November, some of which were sold in the People’s Republic while others were exported.

So far, the company has opened more than 500 Supercharger stations of varying sizes all across China, and they don’t seem so show any signs of slowing down, so we guess we might see the first station with 100 stalls before the end of 2021.


Updated: January 2, 2021 — 1:01 am

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