This Gemballa Mirage GT Is One Of Just 25 Examples Built


At the time of its introduction, the Porsche Carrera GT was the finest, road-legal supercar the German automaker had ever created. It was an instant classic and yet despite being applauded by pundits, famed German tuning company Gemballa thought it could do better. The result was the Mirage GT.

Just 25 examples of the Mirage GT have been produced over the years with owners given the ability to spec out each car to their personal tastes, whatever they may be. The example featured is one of the more aggressive cars built and is currently up for sale.

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Listed through Alain Class Motors in Dubai, widely regarded as one of the premier supercar/hypercar dealerships in the world, this Mirage GT is adorned in a shade of matte black and complemented by a host of red accents, including the outer edges of the wheels, brake calipers, headlights, and engine cover. Porsche enthusiasts may hate it but it’s certainly one way to stand out, even in Dubai.

In creating the Mirage GT, Gemballa transformed the exterior, developing new front and rear fascias while also adding distinctive side skirts, an enlarged rear wing, and a bespoke engine cover. Modifications continue in the cabin with this car sporting red leather across the seats, steering wheel, and parts of the door panels. The cabin also features areas of exposed carbon fiber and black leather.

Gemballa opted against messing with the Carrera GT’s beloved 5.7-liter V10 engine and only fitted it with a new exhaust system that boosts power up to 645 hp.

No pricing details for this Mirage GT have been provided in the listing, but that kind of tells you something about what it’ll cost you, doesn’t it…

Updated: January 1, 2021 — 12:10 am

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