What’s It Like To Drive A McLaren P1 GTR On The Road?

There aren’t all that many McLaren P1 GTRs in existence, let alone ones that have been converted into street legal models by Lanzante. Doug DeMuro recently had the opportunity to test one of them.

McLaren famously introduced the P1 GTR as the track-only version of the P1 hybrid hypercar. Not long after, British firm Lanzante started selling conversion packages to make the car street legal. This conversion kit costs roughly $700,000 and results in one of the most astounding road-legal cars ever conceived.

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DeMuro starts out his review by talking about some of the key exterior upgrades made to the P1 GTR compared to the ‘regular’ P1. The most obvious alteration is the fitment of a custom carbon fiber rear wing that is mounted to the chassis. Up front, there is a carbon fiber splitter complemented by new carbon canards to help produce extra downforce.

He also speaks about some of the key changes that Lanzante has to make to ensure a P1 GTR can be driven on the street. This includes ditching the polycarbonate windows for real glass ones, replacing the ECU, remapping the engine, fitting locking and unlocking doors, installing an axle lift, and fitting a new steering column. There’s also a handbrake, new headlights, and various other parts that allows you to not only show off on the track but also at the local Dollar General car park.


Updated: December 24, 2020 — 2:28 am

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