Toyota Yaris Driver Manages To Give Trailer Two Love Taps

This dashcam footage may not be the most action-packed you’ve come across, but it nonetheless is one of the more bizarre videos we’ve seen.

Filmed somewhere in Poland, this video shows how just a momentarily lapse of judgement can trigger a minor fender bender. Or, in this case, two minor fender benders.

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The clip starts off by showing the elderly driver of a Toyota Yaris stopped behind the cammer’s car and the trailer he is towing. Nothing out of the ordinary there, until the Yaris starts to creep forward and smashes into the rear of the cammer’s trailer. Fortunately, the hit was minor and after inspecting the damage for 30 seconds or so, and speaking with the driver of the Toyota, the cammer walks back into his vehicle.

Mere seconds later, however, the driver of the Yaris creeps forward again and hits the rear of the trailer for the second time. The video cuts out soon after and it’s unclear what happened after. Chances are, the two hits did very little damage to the trailer and would have done more damage to the Yaris.

Seeing these two fender benders doesn’t paint a very good picture of the Toyota driver’s abilities to operate a car, to say the least…


Updated: December 20, 2020 — 7:40 pm

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