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Travelling to Europe, South America and Africa just got easier. India has eased its air travel rules, allowing onward connecting flights from some countries on its air bubbles list. Which means you can now travel to more than 100 countries through a combination of Vande Bharat Mission, air bubble flights and connections through some air bubble destinations.

Note that: a) this access is only through a few of the 23 air bubble countries, and b) Access rules of the destination countries will still apply.

New air bubble flight rules

As per the new rules, you can travel to:

  • Countries in the EU and the Schengen area, South America and Africa by hopping on an air bubble flight to France, Germany or the Netherlands.
  • To South America and Africa through bubble flights to Qatar or the UAE
  • To countries in Africa on bubble flights to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. 
  • To Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan through bubble flights to Ukraine.

India’s air bubbles: Here’s the full list of countries with which India has a travel arrangement

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bahrain
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Bhutan
  5. Canada
  6. Ethiopia
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Iraq
  10. Japan
  11. Kenya
  12. Maldives
  13. Nepal
  14. Netherlands
  15. Nigeria
  16. Oman
  17. Qatar
  18. Rwanda
  19. Tanzania
  20. United Arab Emirates
  21. United Kingdom
  22. Ukraine
  23. United States of America

Updated: December 14, 2020 — 6:40 am

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