Hard Driving May Cause Driveshaft Failure In One Chiron And Three Divos

For a multi-million dollar limited-production hypercar, the Bugatti Chiron has sure been struck by quite a few recalls recently, including one due to the faulty stability control system that also affects the Chiron Sport and Divo.

The Chiron Sport hasn’t been included in the latest safety recall conducted in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but the ‘regular’ Chiron and the Divo have, as both models were made with potentially faulty driveshafts.

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The recall affects only 4 cars, with a 4 percent estimated defect rate). The Chiron was made on July 24 and the Divos between August 21 and October 23, 2020. The problem is blamed on the supplier, Germany’s CP Tech GmbH, as “the material strength of the rear-left drive shaft is found to not be within the acceptable specification tolerance”.

Under “certain hard-driving conditions”, the driveshaft could fail without any prior warning, and if it breaks, then some parts could detach from the car, which would pose a road hazard to vehicles and/or pedestrians. If the component fails, then the gearbox and engine lights will flicker in the instrument cluster, and the Bugatti will enter the so-called ‘Limp Mode’.

Bugatti will replace all defective driveshafts with new ones and will cover the repair and logistics costs. The planned dealer and owner notification for this recall was November 30, and those who have not heard from Bugatti can contact them at 1-703-826-7545 using the recall number BUGCR032.

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Bugatti Divo pictured

Updated: December 12, 2020 — 1:56 am

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