Ford Is Working On A New ‘Megazilla’ Engine Based On Its 7.3-Liter ‘Godzilla’ V8


Ford has revealed it is working on an even more powerful variant of its 7.3-liter Godzilla V8 available in the 2020 Ford Super Duty pickup.

The announcement was made by Ford Performance’s Mike Goodwin during a recent video shared online. During the clip, Goodwin claims that the upgraded engine is known as the ‘Megazilla’ and is a “super secret project.” He doesn’t provide all that many details about the new engine, other than confirming it will have more than the 430 hp of the Godzilla power unit.

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Despite only being offered as a crate engine for a short time, Ford’s Godzilla V8 is already proving to be quite popular among the aftermarket scene and tuners have started to modify it to new heights. The engine is so impressive that at least one tuner has already managed to extract 790 hp from it without needing to boost it using a supercharger or turbocharger.

It’s unclear if Ford’s plans for the Megazilla involve fitting it with some form of forced induction or if it will retain the naturally aspirated setup of the Godzilla. Whatever the case may be, it should produce a lot of horsepower and extraordinary amounts of torque.

The Godzilla crate engine is available for $8,150 and there’s already one YouTuber that’s decided to slot this massive engine into his Ford Mustang (below).



Updated: December 4, 2020 — 12:43 am

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