Tesla Model S And Model X Getting Massive Price Bump In Europe


Tesla has increased pricing for the Model S and Model X across Europe, though the rates vary based on market. Still, the price bumps are quite significant, especially in markets such as Germany where the entry-level Model S now costs €81,990 ($97,700).

Before the price update, it retailed for €76,990, so that’s a difference of €5,000 ($6,000), which is a lot, regardless of where you’re from. Similar differences now exist in France and the UK, reports Reuters.

To put things into perspective, the Model S is priced from $67,920 in the United States, following Tesla’s recent back-to-back price cuts.

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Meanwhile, price changes in other European countries were less extensive, with the Model S costing just €2,000 more in Spain than before. According to Electrek, these price hikes apply to Tesla’s next batch of Model S and Model X vehicles, which won’t be delivered until March of 2021.

This could also be connected to Tesla’s rumored plans for a refresh involving both EVs, which could follow next year’s debut of the Model S Plaid, featuring a new structural battery pack design. The Model S and Model X are also in line to receive an interior refresh next year, but nothing is certain at this point.

We should also note that price bumps within Tesla’s European configurators don’t apply to just the S and X, but also the Model 3, reportedly. However, the latter only costs more by about €500 to €1,000 on average.

Updated: November 26, 2020 — 12:58 pm

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