Tesla Holiday Software Update Coming & Elon Musk Says It’s ‘Fire’

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter and confirmed a Tesla holiday software update is coming. Apparently, EV owners are going to love it.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out another cryptic Tweet this week promising a holiday software update for its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs). Furthermore, Musk revealed the release is “fire,” bookending his statement with not one, but two emojis.

Tesla recently become the most valuable automaker on the planet, due in part to its market share of EVs and the industry-leading innovation within them. For one, Tesla’s ability to send over-the-air updates to its fleet of electric vehicles helps set it apart from other manufacturers, and helps customers stay up to date quickly and easily. Tesla has not sent out a major software update in over a year, so this Tweet has been met with much anticipation and celebration from the Tesla community. Further than that, there is still much to learn about what the new release may hold.

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According to the Tweet by Musk, the new software holiday release is (fire) or (lit), depending on what vernacular you identify with. Other than that, the Tesla CEO didn’t reveal much else yet. A fan replied asking for hints to which, Musk gingerly answered, “So many things you want & some you didn’t know you wanted.” While it’s always nice to see a celebrity of science and innovation like Elon Musk engage with his audience on social media, the response didn’t provide any solid information about what the software release includes.

Could Be Holidays (Or Weeks) Before Tesla Releases Its Update

Tesla Holiday Plaid


Obviously, the release is going to be double fire emoji, cool. However, can anything else be inferred from this vague Tweet? Firstly, Musk referred to the software update as a holiday release. With Thanksgiving approaching like a Plaid Model S on a straightaway, it’s safe to say the holidays are here. So, perhaps the holiday release will land sometime in early to mid-December, between two major holidays? That makes sense given that it’s been over a year since Tesla shared its v10 software. For now, it’s safe to guess this newest release will be v11, loaded with the new features Musk recently teased.

With v11 set to deck the halls of Tesla owners in coming weeks, owners will likely have to wait to find out what the update actually adds or improves. The EV automaker started limited beta testing of full self-driving (FSD) capabilities last month, so perhaps the software release will be an extension of that data? Elon Musk has acknowledged requests from Tesla owners over the past year to change anything from the vehicle cameras to Sentry Mode. While it is possible, some, all, or none of those requests are included, until the actual software is released, there’s not much way of knowing what to expect. Although, it may be worth checking Twitter or their Tesla dashboard each morning like an advent calendar, hoping to find out whether Tesla has finally delivered this promised holiday gift.

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Source: Elon Musk/Twitter

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