RedMagic CyberPods Wireless Earbuds Are Great For Gamers, Here’s Why

Nubia’s RedMagic CyberPods wireless earbuds come with features that are likely to make them of specific interest to gamers, and especially on mobile.

RedMagic CyberPods are Nubia’s attempt at revolutionizing wireless gaming headphones. With this launch, the company hopes to rival other wireless earbud companies during the holiday stretch. For traveling gamers that are looking to switch to smaller headphones, wireless headphones, or both, these are likely to be worth a consideration.

Nubia first unveiled the CyberPods back in July of this year, albeit without the CyberPods branding. While there have been few updates since then, they are expected to become available to buy through the company’s online store in Europe this week, and are expected to arrive in the U.S. at some point. While Nubia has developed and sold wireless earbuds previously, these are the first in the company’s lineup specifically designed with gamers in mind. With no other peripherals required, the RedMagic CyberPods can be used to game on computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

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The company officially introduced the CyberPods on November 12. These headphones have a lot to offer inside and out for the money. Featuring a sleek gamer-centric design, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and up to 20 hours of battery life, gamers will be able to play in both style and freedom. On the surface, CyberPods may seem like regular wireless earbuds with a gamer theme, but there is one last feature that they come with that could make them highly sought-after.

The Main Reason The CyberPods Are For Gamers

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Some wireless headphones have a reputation for not working as they should when playing games, usually because of blatant audio delay. The CyberPods, on the other hand, offer a low latency mode, meaning that the delay in Bluetooth reception is noticeably reduced. Thus, what gamers hear with their headphones will match up better with what they see on the screen. The rate of low latency in CyberPods when paired with a typical Bluetooth device is 60ms. That rate can be improved to 39ms if playing on a RedMagic phone. While low latency headphones do already exist, even among a select number of earbuds, the CyberPods performance is promised to be one of the best on the market. Along with the audio quality and battery life, they could make for a very good set of headphones for gamers.

The experience is expected to be very responsive for gameplay by ensuring audio cues can be picked up at the right times and that the visuals are more in-synch with what is being heard. If they turn out to be as promised, it could result in a feeling similar to gaming with wired headphones, but no longer having to deal with the wire itself. Even for players that are not particularly interested in a RedMagic phone, there’s still plenty of features on offer, including the sound quality and Bluetooth support.

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