Marvel’s Avengers Dev Details Its Kate Bishop Hawkeye DLC

Square Enix has revealed the details for the Kate Bishop-centric expansion for Marvel’s Avengers, which is set to launch for players on December 8.

Square Enix has revealed gameplay and story details for the first Operation expansion to Marvel’s Avengers. Fans already knew that the new content would center on Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye in Marvel continuity, in the arts of archery. The original slinger of arrows is also a major focus on the DLC, although he won’t appear as a playable character until the second Operation. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers will continue to expand with these smaller Operation stories that introduce new biomes, enemies, and playable heroes. Whether there is a large player base to welcome these expansions is another matter entirely.

Simply put, Marvel’s Avengers has had issues attracting an enthusiastic fanbase since its launch in September. Reports from those who own the game on Google Stadia and PC call matchmaking queues a ghost town and those on consoles aren’t far behind. Recent reports suggest that Marvel’s Avengers has lost 96 percent of players since launch, not helped by the delays of the game’s Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions and the pushing back of this initial first Operation. Despite those setbacks, it seems clear that Square Enix is pushing forward with the live service aspect of the game, starting with Kate Bishop: Taking Aim.

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In a new Marvel’s Avengers War Table Deep Dive, Crystal Dynamics revealed everything players will need to know about the Kate Bishop: Taking Aim Operation before its release on December 8. Kate Bishop reemerged in the lives of the newly united Avengers team right after the events of the main campaign. She’s seeking out her teacher Hawkeye, who has volunteered for some type of time travel experiment. The trailer showcases several levels that will feature Bishop chasing after Clint Barton, as well as what looks to be an ultimate boss battle against the classic Avengers villain Super-Adaptoid.

The video also goes into detail about Kate Bishop’s move set, which unsurprisingly centers on her various types of arrows. Among them is a deployable smokescreen that can stun enemies, warp points that let Kate zip around the battlefield with ease, and the razor and scattershot options that fans of the character know and love. Kate is also skilled with a sword, getting up close and personal when needed for melee combat.

The War Table video ends with a look at Clint Barton’s Operation, which is known as Future Imperfect. The hero will travel to a post-apocalyptic future that looks vastly different from any other environment shown in the game so far. This version of Hawkeye is also seen running into The Maestro, a villainous alternate identity for The Hulk first seen in Marvel Comics in Peter David’s The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect.

The question everyone has about Marvel’s Avengers at the moment is pretty simple. Can Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics turn the ship around after the game’s disastrous launch? Players seemed to enjoy the story campaign well enough, it’s not clear whether these occasional updates will be enough to keep them coming back. It will be fascinating to see if the game blossoms like No Man’s Sky before it or crashes to the ground without so much as a hero landing.

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Marvel’s Avengers is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia. A version native to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will release in 2021.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers/YouTube

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