Who is Dr. Elvis Francois & How Serpent’s Clues Fit Him

Serpent as Dr. Elvis Francois was a shocking The Masked Singer Season 4 reveal, but the clues actually pointed to “The Singing Surgeon” all along.

Fans of The Masked Singer were shocked when Serpent was revealed as Dr. Elvis Francois during last night’s double elimination. We have a little more information about the viral sensation and have connected the clues to him.

Last night, group B performed on The Masked Singer and the season’s first double elimination forced two anonymous celebrities to remove their masks. Seahorse was the first to make it through to the Super Six, which surprised absolutely no one. The second Super Six spot was up for grabs and fans were split on whether it would go to Serpent or Crocodile. Crocodile gave his best performance of the season and managed to edge out Serpent. This wasn’t the biggest surprise of the night. The reveal of Serpent caught many fans off guard, as they’d spent the season convinced he was Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr.

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So who is this medical professional with pipes that could be confused with some Broadway greats, such as Leslie Odom Jr.? Dr. Elvis Francois is an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic. He has been known to sing to his patients. In late March, when the world was reeling from the pandemic, he went viral. His performance of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was the elixir the world needed. Suddenly, Francois was dubbed “the Singing Surgeon.” His YouTube channel was flooded with new fans looking to hear more. He was soon making the rounds on morning TV. He even stopped in to sing on After The Mask. Since March, he has raised lots of money for charity with his music, by performing it and releasing it for sale. See the doctor perform “Imagine” below:

The clue packages for Serpent were full of red herrings that threw off fans. Many of these The Masked Singer fans were certain Serpent was Leslie Odom Jr. before the show had even officially aired, because of an early promo clip of him singing. However, there were still plenty of clues that were not red herrings. Of course, the most obvious was the overwhelming number of medical clues. Early on, Serpent showed plenty of clues in his clue packages which pointed to his profession. His sneak peek clue was a prescription bottle featuring the numbers, 31118. As it would happen, March 11, 2018, was the date Francois uploaded his first YouTube cover with his famous medical singing partner. In his first clue package, he had shown himself having to make a choice between medicine and music. This couldn’t fit anyone better than Francois. However, the clues started before that.

The costume itself was a huge clue many missed. The serpent is part of the medical symbol, which is a staff intertwined with two serpents. It’s called a caduceus. In Greek mythology, the staff is carried by Hermes. Then, there was the not-so-subtle clue in his second song, which was “The Bones” by Maren Morris. This was the perfect song choice for an orthopedic surgeon. Beyond the medical clues, there were clues to his name as well. The sandwich made of peanut butter, banana, and bacon was made famous by his namesake, Elvis Presley. This sandwich was featured heavily in his second clue package. Another set of clues featured a croissant, which pointed to France or his last name, Francois. However, the clearest clues from last night came in the form of a jar of “Good” Mayo, pointing to his spot at the Mayo Clinic, and the mention that he had performed with one of the judges. He sang with Nicole on After the Mask. While Dr. Elvis may not be as famous as some of this season’s other guests, he saves lives with his medical skills and his voice. He is the perfect guest for the season filmed during the pandemic.

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Source: Doctor Elvis Francois/YouTube


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