The Hulk Just Had His Most Disgusting Transformation Yet

While being imprisoned in the Alpha Flight Space Station in Immortal Hulk #40, Hulk has his most disgusting transformation yet.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Immortal Hulk #40.

The Immortal Hulk series has proven itself to be more gruesome than most Hulk runs and as a result, the character has had some nasty transformations. But the Hulk’s transformation in Immortal Hulk #40, puts all of his others to shame.

Generally, the Hulk’s transformation back to Bruce Banner is not frightening to look at as he appears to be shrinking in size and the color of his skin becomes less green as a result of a decrease in gamma radiation’s effects. But over the years, various writers and artists have combined their efforts to create more twisted versions of the Hulk’s general transformation – such as Warren Ellis, Cliff Nielson, Terese Nielson, and Johnathan Babock’s absolutely disgusting transformation of the Jade Giant in Ruins #1. And the Immortal Hulk series has presented numerous accounts of gut-wrenching moments, including one that occurs in Al Ewing, Joe Bennet, Alex Ross, Skottie Young, Jeffrey Veregge, and Taurin Clarke’s comic as the Hulk transforms into Bruce’s crazed alter ego Joe Fixit.

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Soon after the Hulk wakes up in the holding facility of the Alpha Flight Space Station and a man named Peter Gyrich (commander of the space station) introduces himself to him, Joe Fixit speaks with him through Bruce Banner’s mindscape, which is a place where both the Hulk and Bruce’s alter egos coexist. After they discuss the whereabouts of Bruce Banner and the fact he has been taken by Sam Sterns, a.k.a. The Leader, down to Hell, they hear Peter tell the Hulk that it’s impossible for him to break from his bonds in the holding cell and or to change back into Banner. But the Hulk’s transformation into Joe is nothing like Bruce’s. In fact, it’s more like the time Spider-Man gives birth to himself.


To help free themselves from Peter’s bonds, the Hulk begins to transform into Joe in the most disturbing way – soon the Hulk’s belly begins to glow a toxic waste green and grows as if a bomb is going off in his intestines. It’s obvious that Peter and his henchman are not aware of the Hulk’s capabilities as they become speechless at the sight of his bulging stomach and the next instant, Joe bursts from the bulge like a newborn baby – causing all of the Hulk’s vital organs to all fall out at once. As soon as Joe breaks free from the Hulk’s body, he immediately knocks out Peter and his goons and searches for a way to escape the Alpha Flight Space Station.

With each new issue in the Immortal Hulk series, the Hulk’s transformations have become more perplexing and unpleasant to experience – which leaves one wondering how much more disgusting can his transformations get? And knowing Joe’s willing to do all of the malevolent things Bruce would never consider doing, one can only hope he can reclaim Bruce from the clutches of The Leader.

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