Squadrons Adding New Ships After All In Surprise Update

Motive Studios officially reveals two content updates coming to Star Wars: Squadrons, despite saying earlier that the game wouldn’t get DLC.

Star Wars: Squadrons is receiving a whole batch of free content including new spaceships, the very possibility of which has been multiple times denied by Motive Studios. The latest firm statement was made a month ago when the developer reiterated that the game would not receive any new content simply because it was a full release rather than a live service title.

Back in October, creative director Ian Frazier shared a fairly understandable explanation as to why Star Wars: Squadrons would not be treated to new spaceships. According to Frazier, the reason was plain simple. The game was initially designed as an old-school release, and much like in the fashion of older titles, it was meant to come out as a fully finished product with no intention to expand it with any DLCs or updates. The creative director said the same back in July when he told that no post-launch additions to the game were planned, even much-requested B-Wing fighters.

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Despite all the early confidence of Motive Studios, B-Wings are indeed landing in Star Wars: Squadrons, as revealed by EA. According to developer, the initial vision of the game as a fully finished package underwent significant changes due to the ongoing support and demand from the community. It was the overwhelmingly positive reception by both players and critics that moved Motive to start working on extra post-launch content additions. Currently, there are two free updates planned. On November 25, players can expect a new multiplayer map, Fostar Haven, from the first prologue mission. It will be joined by four new ship components to enrich gameplay options. In mid-December, two new Starfighters are landing in the game, with much-requested B-Wings finally making an entrance alongside Empire’s TIE Defenders. The winter update also adds custom matches for players to customize their experience.

Star Wars Squadrons Fostar Haven


Funnily enough, the exact same story happened to Motive’s categorical statement back in July not to release next-gen updates for the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Unexpectedly, this promise was broken by a detailed announcement two weeks ago when EA revealed next-gen upgrades for the newest consoles in several of the publisher’s games – including Star Wars: Squadrons. The most dramatic experience was said to arrive on Xbox Series X/S with the introduction of a visual mode and a performance mode. The former emphasizes graphics quality and higher resolution over framerate count while the latter does the opposite boosting to 120 fps but giving up sophisticated lighting.

The current situation over the surprising announcement of new content for Star Wars: Squadrons clearly demonstrates that with increasingly growing demand, even a full package can become slightly fuller. It is worth mentioning that ignoring B-Wings was a strange decision by Motive in the first place, so their arrival was somewhat inevitable. Still, it’s an extremely nice and wholesome move by developers not only to listen to the community but also to satisfy the demand, which could probably result in even more content in the future.

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Star Wars: Squadrons is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: EA

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