New Graphic Novel ‘Raptor’ From Dave McKean & Dark Horse

Truth and fantasy mingle in the new 128-page graphic novel from the artist best known for Sandman and Coraline. Here’s an exclusive look at the cover.

Fantasy and reality color each other in Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel, a new graphic novel from Dave McKean published through Dark Horse Comics. The story combines monster-hunting adventure and haunted historical fiction in an original tale about the power of twilight and the crossing of boundaries. Raptor will release in July 2021 in both a standard printing and deluxe edition.

Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel is the work of writer/artist Dave McKean, an industry mainstay best known for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman for works including Sandman and Coraline. McKean has received critical acclaim for past solo storytelling projects, including his 1990 writing debut Cages and the 2016 war biography Black Dog. Both comics have been published through Dark Horse Comics, a company known for its enduring creator-owned properties, like cross-media hits Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy.

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According to Dark Horse Comics, the plot of Raptor is divided into two worlds. In one, the monster hunter Sokol wanders a “feudal, fantastical landscape” killing strange beasts to earn his keep. The other realm is 19th century Wales, home to an author of ghost stories whose grief for his dead wife drives him into occult circles hoping to make contact once more. The bond tying these two worlds together is yet unexplained, but each protagonist enters a liminal space where the lines between truth and imagination blur and vanish.

Here’s an exclusive look at the cover:


The pitch for Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel blends the surreal fantasy of works like Mirrormask (another McKean -designed work) with 1800s gothic spiritualism that may appeal to fans of series like The Haunting of Bly Manor. McKean’s visual style is utterly unmistakable, a unique vision in the comics industry. His narratives span boundaries of genre and tone as easily as they flitter through alternate dimensions.

Readers interested in picking up Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel have two options: a paperback edition that will retail for $29.99 and a deluxe hardcover version that will sell for $99.99. Besides the oversize format and hardcover binding, the limited edition will include an exclusive tipped-in color illustration by McKean, signed and ready for the dedicated fan’s collection.

Both versions of Dark Horse Comics’ Raptor: A Sokol Graphic Novel will go on sale at local comics shops and major booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They’re also currently available for preorder from those retailers. Look for the title to hit comic book shops on July 7, 2021, and then to reach bookstores on July 20, 2021.

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