Marvel Reveals The Secret History of Agent Carter

Agent Peggy Carter has been a longtime associate of Captain America, and now Marvel has treated fans to a deep look into her motivations!

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America #25 below!

Peggy Carter has been a confidante and partner of Captain America since World War II, and now Marvel has revealed her secret history. In Captain America #25 by writer Ta-Neshi Coates (Black Panther), artist Leonard Kirk (Batman), and colorist Matt Milla (X-Men Blue), readers learn just how Peggy got caught up with Captain America and the world of espionage – through a clandestine organization called The Daughters of Liberty.

Despite being Captain America’s wartime love interest, Peggy did not appear for the first time until 1966’s Tales of Suspense #77. From there, she would join SHIELD and share many adventures with not only Captain America but the Avengers as well. Peggy would die but was later reborn. In addition to being a major presence in the comics, the character has jumped to other media as well, portrayed by Hayley Atwell in both Captain America: The First Avenger and the Agent Carter television show. During Coates’ run on Captain America, a number of surprising revelations about Carter were made, including her leadership of The Daughters of Liberty, an underground group consisting of women dedicated to the cause of liberty and justice.

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The Daughters of Liberty is what gave Carter her motivations. Brought into the organization before the Second World War, Carter’s membership in the Daughters gave her focus and purpose. It awakened in her a sense of justice and what is right. In the words of her niece Sharon, it saved her from a “June Cleaver life,” a reference to the mother on the show Leave it to Beaver, which fulfilled the housewife stereotype. Readers see Peggy train in both hand-to-hand combat and firearms, as well as fight Nazis. But the implication is that her time with the Daughters in World War II was the reason she met, and subsequently fell in love with, Captain America. These revelations are tempered by the fact that Alexa, the woman who initiated Peggy into the Daughters, has betrayed them.


Peggy Carter is many things: Captain America’s friend and lover, an agent of SHIELD, and a skilled fighter; now fans learn exactly what led her to all of this. The Daughters of Liberty were the perfect organization for Peggy to head up, as its vision and goals align with hers.

Although she wasn’t originally part of the Captain America mythos, Peggy Carter has still managed to become an integral part of it; largely because her pursuit of freedom and justice makes her the perfect partner for Captain America. And now readers have been presented with a fascinating look into her past, one that sheds new light onto what drives Peggy Carter.

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