If Iron Man Takes Off His Armor, He Will Die

In the solicits for the upcoming arc of Iron Man, Tony Stark suffers a serious injury and if he takes off his armor he’ll die.

Warning! Spoilers for Iron Man #6 below.

Tony Stark’s life isn’t about to get any easier. On Thursday, Marvel Comics revealed new solicits for their upcoming titles. A tease of Iron Man #6 suggests the hero is about to suffer a serious injury, one that’s so bad that he won’t be able to take off his armor without risking literal death.

The most-recent run on by Christopher Cantwell (Doctor Doom) and Cafu (War of the Realms: War Scrolls) has featured a much-needed deconstruction of Marvel’s most notorious billionaire. The longtime Avenger’s number one enemy has long been his own god complex and Tony is actively trying to fight it. He sold off his stake in his own company, ditched his California mansion for a brownstone in New York, and abandoned his tech in the name of returning to the basics. Stark seemingly has a death wish, as he’s risked his life in an effort to save others. It appears Tony’s reckless heroism is going to land him in even more trouble going forward.

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In a brand new solicit (courtesy of CBR.com), Stark will come face-to-face with the God-like villain Korvac. However, his battle won’t go well as the fight will lead Tony to his near-death, where he’s brought to a hospital due to his serious injuries. But, Stark isn’t just injured – he’s so injured that if he takes off his suit of armor, he will die. The metal from his Iron Man armor is the only thing holding his body together. In natural form, Stark will be fighting tooth and nail to leave the hospital and fight Korvac, despite being gravely injured. Check out the beautiful cover for Iron Man #6 by legendary artist Alex Ross.


Iron Man won’t be the only person injured, as Korvac’s attack is seemingly going to affect some of his fellow heroes. The solicit also teases that James Rhodes AKA War Machine will also be attempting to stop Tony from trying to fight against Korvac while he recovers – as it appears with Hellcat and Rhodes, it’s all hands on deck to ensure Stark does what he does worst – be patient and recover. Check out the full solicit below.

  • Iron Man #6
  • After receiving a near-fatal injury from Korvac, Iron Man lands in emergency triage with his life on the line. Halcyon and Misty Knight work quickly to lock Tony in his armor and stanch his injuries…but now he can’t take it off or else he’ll die. With pieces of metal literally holding his body together, Tony regroups with his allies, all while trying not to give into his rage over being bested by Korvac. With Hellcat on the psychological ropes and his other hero compatriots recuperating from their own near-death experiences, can Tony muster what he needs in order to chase Korvac out into space and stop the mad demigod’s quest for ultimate power? Perhaps War Machine is just the friend Tony could use in this moment…but James Rhodes might only be there to bench a manic and battered Tony from action so that he doesn’t get killed. Still, as always, Tony has never been good at taking no for an answer…

Iron Man #6 will be in comic stores and available online in February.

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Source: CBR.com

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