How Whatchamacallit’s Clues Fit NBA Star Lonzo Ball

Last night on The Masked Singer Season 4, Whatchamacallit was revealed to be NBA player Lonzo Ball. We have linked all the clues to him.

In a shocking double elimination on The Masked Singer, Whatchamacallit was forced to hang up his mic and take off his mask. The long-haired creature was revealed to be NBA star, Lonzo Ball. Now, fans are curious about how the clues fit the NBA player, so we’ve linked them for you.

This week on The Masked Singer season 4, a couple more contestants joined the Super Six, and two had to exit the stage. One of those to go was Whatchamacallit. He was one of this season’s more challenging costumes to guess. His height had many sure it was an athlete but narrowing down which athlete proved more difficult. We had predicted Lonzo Ball after his first performance, but it took a while for the judges to catch up. In the end, when he finally figured out Whatchamacallit was Lonzo Ball, Ken came through with a rare correct guess. This was not that surprising as Ken is known to be a huge Lakers fan.

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Ball was a great fit for Whatchamacallit’s towering height since he is 6’6,” not to mention his singing skill, given that Ball has released his own music. However, this week’s clues should have sealed the deal for anyone who was still uncertain. Whatchamacallit’s game-changer clue was given by Ice Cream, who was the gamer, Ninja. A few years back, Ball beat Ninja in a game of Fortnite that was streamed. His clue package was given by his favorite high school teacher, who just happened to be disguised as the type of whistle a coach or referee would use. This was further confirmation it was likely an athlete. He mentioned that Whatchamacallit took a senior to prom when he was a sophomore. Ball is currently still dating his high school sweetheart, Denise Garcia. They even have a child together and she has appeared on their family reality TV show, Ball in the Family. Garcia graduated from Chino Hills HS in 2014, and Ball graduated in 2016. She was his prom date and she would have been a senior when he was a sophomore.


The visual clues included “Smarties” candy on the table, which were likely a reference to the fact that Ball was a 4.0 student in high school. There was a Queen’s guard figurine pointing to his basketball position as a point guard. The ping pong balls shown are infamously used in the NBA lottery. There was a king’s crown and LeBron James once posted a photo of himself with Ball, dubbing the young athlete, “Young King.” The pot of coffee Ken caught was brewing for Bruins, the mascot of the UCLA team Ball played for, previously referenced in a clue package with a bear on a clock. Prior clue packages referenced many of the same points. His 4.0 GPA was a clue on that clock as well. The clock also included a pair of chino pants for his high school, Chino Hills. The clock hands were on a shrimp and the number 2. Ball currently plays for the New Orleans basketball team, which explains the shrimp, and his jersey number is 2.

The previous clue packages referenced every member of The Masked Singer star’s family in some way. A book called Hairy Tales of Whatchama Fam represented their show, Ball in the Family. There were marshmallows for LaMelo (Mello) Ball and Jell-O for LiAngelo (Gelo) Ball, his famous basketball-playing brothers. His parents, who also both played basketball, were noted too. There was a black panther for his father, who played basketball for the Carolina Panthers. He spoke of his mother when Whatchamacallit talked about getting news of her being in bad shape. Ball’s mother had a stroke around the time he was starting his professional basketball career.

There were multiple basketball references in high fives and dimes, which pointed to “dropping a dime,” the basketball slang phrase for assists. There were also multiple references to Big Baller Brand, the footwear and athletic wear company he started with his family. We saw three bumblebees one week, and a treble clef with three “b” musical notes on it during another week. BBB is the logo of the company. Last but not least is the original sneak peek clue, which said his career had a magical start, and he was drafted into the NBA at the hands of Magic Johnson. While we had predicted that Lonzo Ball was Whatchamacallit, we had a lot of help with all these clues.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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