Among Us New Map Glimpsed In Game’s First-Ever Tweet

Among Us christens its official Twitter feed with a sneak peak at a brand new map, with the promise of more updates to come next month.

InnerSloth’s surprise smash hit Among Us is making good on its promise to bring in more content, with a sneak peak at an upcoming new map released today on Twitter. It’ll be the first new map since Polus was dropped in November of last year, and can be taken as a real indicator that InnerSloth’s decision to build up its game is finally starting to take shape.

While not especially popular when it released in June 2018, Among Us caught wider attention in July 2020, thanks to content creators overseas and Twitch streamers, who inspired other online gamers to pick up the title. Since July, Among Us steadily increased in popularity, which inspired the team at InnerSloth to begin development of a sequel, while working simultaneously to support the original game. But the renewed and greater interest in Among Us, however, meant that InnerSloth had to cope with the technical problems that a sudden rise in usage can bring, and the developer made the decision to cancel the sequel in favor of supporting the original.

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InnerSloth’s tiny three-person team began work on improving Among Us, first by moving it from a free Amazon server to several more robust ones in order to cope with the massive surge in players. The developer also got to work rebuilding its outdated codebase, and implementing new game elements planned for the sequel into the original. Popularity also brought an onslaught of other problems besides server overload, including a surge in hackers and cheaters, which kept the small team relatively tied up. But today, InnerSloth finally christened its previously silent Among Us Twitter channel by tweeting the first new map to be released in the game in a little over a year, a sign that new content is very much still in the works.

The sneak peak shows a single room on the map, but the size of the room lends credence to it being larger than the Polus map. It gives little indication of how it is meant to be themed around the popular Henry Stikmin games it was announced to be based on, but hopefully more information will be released about it soon. After all, another tweet promises more content to come on December 10 during The Game Awards, for those who are “hungry for more.” Considering that the Among Us Twitter channel has been silent since it was started in October, the two tweets seemed to appeared out of nowhere, almost as if they vented.

InnerSloth still has bugs to iron out and hackers to eject, so it’s nice to see the developer dropping some new content, considering how busy it’s undoubtedly been. There’s no word yet on when the new map will be released, but that might change on December 10, as long as InnerSloth continues to actually use its Twitter handle.

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