Among Us’ New Map: Every Task Likely Returning

InnerSloth has teased a new map that’s coming to Among Us soon. Based on the shared photo, some tasks are already pretty visible and likely returning.

Since rising in popularity earlier this year, Among Us has gone on to be one of the smash hits of 2020. Releasing on PC and Android, the social deduction game pits crewmates against one or more Impostors who are trying to kill everyone else. The game was so successful that a sequel was scrapped to focus on making Among Us even better – and new content has been teased by developer InnerSloth for a while.

Now, thanks to a photo of a brand-new upcoming Among Us map, there’s something a little more concrete being teased. Among Us’ new map image shows off the clean interior of what appears to be a spaceship. There’s also plenty of other things visible – like a WiFi box and a vent. Based on the photo, it’s likely that quite a few familiar tasks are returning in the new Among Us map.

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Tasks in Among Us are divided into four different types: Common, Short, Long, and Visual. The Crewmates perform these tasks, and Impostors only pretend to do them. Keeping an eye on who is and who isn’t working is a good way to catch an Impostor, since it’s sometimes hard to fake doing a task. Currently, there are around forty tasks in Among Us, and many are likely returning with the new map.

Among Us’ New Map: What Tasks Are Returning


While some tasks, like Chart Course and Fuel Engines, are available on every map in Among Us so far, some tasks may only be available on a single map (like Fix Weather Node, available in Polus). It can be a little difficult to predict which tasks will be available on the new Among Us map. However, given that it’s a ship’s cockpit and based on the equipment visible in the photo, it’s easy to make a few educated guesses.

Based on the equipment seen in the photo, the tasks most likely to return in the new Among Us map, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Chart Course
  • Clear Asteroids
  • Divert Power
  • Enter ID Code
  • Fix Wiring
  • Fuel Engines
  • Prime Shields
  • Process Data
  • Reboot WiFi
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Scan Boarding Pass
  • Stabilize Steering
  • Swipe Card
  • Upload Data

These tasks are based solely on what is visible in the photo that was shared, as well as the fact that it’s a spaceship cockpit. Right now, InnerSloth hasn’t released any official info regarding the tasks on Among Us’ new map yet. Since players don’t know what the rest of the map looks like, other tasks could return to the newest Among Us map as well, and it’s also possible the developers will have created some brand-new ones. InnerSloth has teased more info is coming at The Game Awards on December 10th, so fans will hopefully know more then.

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