Way Of The Witcher Gwent Expansion Releasing For Free In December

The Way of the Witcher update is coming to Gwent is coming in less than a month, and will focus on some of the most important Witchers in the series.

CD Projekt Red has unveiled the latest expansion for Gwent, entitled Way of the Witcher. There have been five previous expansions to the card game, each dealing with a different aspect of The Witcher universe.

Playing a round or two of Gwent was one of the most popular side activities in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and CD Projekt Red has since turned the mini-game into a full free-to-play card game of its own. Although there are now a wide variety of digital card games available across every platform, Gwent has become one of the most unique and interesting among them by separating itself completely from the mechanics and conceits of Magic: The Gathering. CDPR also used the framework of Gwent to create the excellent Thronebreaker, which told the story of Queen Meve. The studio has been telling other Witcher tales as well with its expansions to the main game.

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Today, CD Projekt Red revealed the sixth expansion for Gwent. The Way of the Witcher card set will come to the game on December 8, and will focus on the eponymous monster slayers. The expansion adds 10 cards per faction as well as 10 neutral cards and a new keyword. The new cards will feature some of the series’ most renowned Witchers alongside Alzur, the genius sorcerer who first created them. New playstyles will also be included based on the various Witcher schools, introducing another tactical layer to the game.

The content update will be free for all players at launch and the new cards will be available in booster packs. However, there will also be Way of the Witcher-specific boosters that exclusively contain cards from the expansion. CDPR is also offering pre-order deals, which provide additional boosters, a new game board, instant access to the Alzur card and more.

Gwent continues to be intriguing and addicting while setting itself far apart from the other digital card games on the market. CD Projekt Red has been diligent in keeping the game fresh with additional content like Way of the Witcher, preventing the meta from going stale. For both new and old fans of The Witcher (or fans of digital card games in general), Gwent is a great game to get into at any time with its low barrier to entry and its emphasis on skill over random elements.

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Source: CD Projekt Red

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