The Best Episode Of Every Season, According To IMDb

Season to season, which episodes of Parks and Rec did the fans love most – according to their ratings on IMDb, anyway?

Parks and Recreation aired on NBC from 2009 to 2015 and was a comedic staple for the powerhouse network during their 7-season run, fitting nicely beside The Office and Modern Family as one of the shows that mainstreamed the concept of a “mockumentary”.

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The show introduced some of cable’s most memorable characters, friendships, and existed solely based on the concept that nobody accomplishes anything alone, not even the minor government workers in a small-town in Pawnee, Indiana.

8 Rock Show, Season 1 (7.8)


The finale of season 1 happened to also be the highest-rated episode of the season and had a large part in getting the show renewed for a second season. During the episode, Andy finally gets the cast off his legs, and the parks and rec department decides to throw him a party. Unfortunately, Ann finds out that Andy could have had the casts removed two weeks prior but was enjoying being pampered and taken care of by Ann, resulting in Ann dumping Andy for good. Meanwhile, Leslie and Mark almost end up sleeping together for the first time in five years… but the moment is ruined when Mark falls into the pit they’d been spending all season trying to fill.

7 Hunting Trip, Season 2 (8.8)

Everybody needs a friend like Leslie – and nobody needs a friend like Tom (at least not during this episode). The highest-rated episode of season 2 had the entire parks and rec department go away on a hunting trip as a quick little vacation away from work. However, the entire parks department wasn’t supposed to go on the trip (it was only supposed to be Ron, Mark, and Jerry) and they end up ruining everybody’s good time when Ron gets shot in the back of the head with birdshot.

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When the park rangers show up to handle the situation, Leslie takes the heat and assumes the blame for the incident, but it’s then revealed that she was just covering for Tom since he never obtained a hunting license.

6 Andy and April’s Fancy Party, Season 3 (9.1)

Fans were beginning to think that April and Andy might never get together, but the moment finally happened in the middle of season 3 when the two love-birds started dating. However, every audience member was thrown for a loop when the young couple decided to get married just four episodes later. Disguising the ceremony as a dinner party, Andy and April invite all of their friends and family over and decide to get married right in the middle of their living room. Leslie (who thinks they’re rushing into things and making a horrible mistake) spends the episode trying to get them to change their minds, but in the end they have a lovely ceremony and everybody lived happily ever after.

5 Win, Lose or Draw, Season 4 (9.1)

The finale for season 4 had everybody gripping their seats as they waited to see whether or not Leslie would be elected to City Council. The entire season had revolved around Leslie’s campaign (with her relationship with Ben causing a roadblock in the middle) and it all came down to this moment. Initially, Leslie and her supporters were let down when it appeared that she had lost the race, but after a recount it was determined that Leslie was the winner and she took her rightful place among the City Counselors in the great city of Pawnee, Indiana.

4 Leslie and Ben, Season 5 (9.3)

Another episode featuring an impromptu wedding and another highest-rated episode of a season. For season 5, the writers decided to keep the audience guessing yet again by having Leslie and Ben spontaneously get married after the gala the parks department had set up to get funding for their park. With nearly the entire town in attendance (which was Leslie’s dream) the parks and rec gang spends the episode trying to prepare a ceremony by getting an officiant, the rings, and a dress for Leslie.

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Unfortunately, despite the group being able to pull everything together in time, Jeremy Jamm purposefully ruins the event just to spite Leslie. But, lo and behold, Leslie’s friends come through for her and end up preparing a beautiful, intimate ceremony with just the parks and rec gang in attendance.

3 Moving Up: Part 2, Season 6 (9.4)

While Season 6 was hilarious (just like all the seasons) Leslie had had a rough go of things as she had been voted out of office after only a year and was in the middle of trying to merge Pawnee with the neighboring town of Eagleton. When she’s offered the job as the head of the entire midwest region of the National Parks department, she’s elated but has reservations due to everything she’d be leaving behind in Pawnee since she’d have to move to Chicago to take the job. During the season 6 finale, Leslie finally decides to take the job and tries to get any of her friends from the parks department to join her.. but they all say no. Having accepted the job, and her fate, Leslie makes one final move and decides that she can still take the job at National Parks and continue living in her beloved hometown by moving the National Parks office to Pawnee instead of Chicago.

2 Leslie and Ron, Season 7 (9.6)

Season 7 had the two highest-rated episodes of the entire series and both were equally deserving of the title. In the first episode, Leslie and Ron end up trapped together in the old parks and recreation office due to their feud starting to become a problem for the people around them. Stuck together for over 8 hours, Leslie and Ron bicker and fight at first, but eventually end up discussing their problems and recounting their own versions of the story that led to their friendship ending. Realizing both were at fault for their lack of communication, the two friends make up, get drunk, and appropriately head to JJ’s diner to cure their hangovers with breakfast food.

1 One Last Ride, Season 7 (9.6)

The series finale pulled at the heartstrings of anybody who watched it as the writers gave every character in the series a proper send-off. Donna got married to Joe and moved to Seattle, Craig married Typhoon, Jean-Ralphio faked his death and started a champagne company, April and Andy had a baby, Tom became famous for writing a book about his failures, Jerry lived to be 100 and became the longest-running mayor in the history of Pawnee, Ron got a job as the head of the Pawnee National Forest, Ann and Chris decided to move back to Pawnee, and Leslie and Ben lived out their dreams as political servants to the towns/people/country that they both love.

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