Pokémon GO’s New Seasons Borrow One Of Animal Crossing’s Best Features

A new update in Pokémon GO is introducing changing seasons and seasonal celebration to the game, similar to Animal Crossing’s popular events.

Pokémon GO is getting a huge update which, among other things, will introduce changing seasons and season-specific events very reminiscent of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is arguably the biggest update in recent memory to come to Niantic’s popular title. The free-to-play augmented reality game came out in 2016 to huge success, though the game’s features were limited. With its next update, Niantic may capture some of what made Animal Crossing: New Horizons such a hit this year.

The most recent installment in the Animal Crossing franchise gained an unprecedented level of success for games in the series. This is owed, at least in part, to the game’s ever-changing world and its big seasonal events, especially for those fans who have been unable to safely celebrate events in the real world. Though many have rolled credits on the game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to engage players with its seasonal offerings. Recently, the game inspired many players to jump back into the cozy island world and transform it into a horrorfest just in time for some Halloween festivities. A free update coming to the game tomorrow will change the world again, getting it ready for in-game events called Turkey Day and Toy Day which are sure to bring some fans back to the island.

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Similarly, the Pokémon GO upcoming update, Go Beyond, looks to capture the excitement of constantly evolving seasons with special rewards and unique events. Starting on the last week of November, trainers will begin to see the weather outside come to Pokémon GO and every three months after that, the in-game weather will shift to match the real world. The seasons will also have important effects on what is happening in Pokémon GO as players will notice some Pokémon become more prevalent during certain seasons. The GO Battle League will also update every three months, and new Mega-Evolved Pokémon will come to raids with each changing of the season.

On December 1, the Season of Celebration will begin. Winter will be the first season for trainers in the northern hemisphere, during which cold-weather Pokémon will begin showing up more frequently in raids, the wilds, and hatching from eggs. For those in the southern hemisphere, be on the lookout for Burmy, Darumaka, and Pokémon who like the climate a bit warmer. It seems that Deerling will pop in both hemispheres, but which form it takes depends on the weather. Professor Willow is also planning to enlist trainers and a new research venture for the new year which will examine different Pokémon originally from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions. Niantic promises a grand end to this first season with a global event, which the team will detail in the near future.

Changing seasons and seasonal events are an intriguing concept for Pokémon GO. As an AR game looking to mimic the feel of catching Pokémon in the real world, reflecting the actual seasons in-game could help it achieve a better sense of verisimilitude. Additionally, limited-time events help to draw players back to a game. With the first season beginning in just a few weeks, it won’t take long to see the fan response to the update.

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