Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC Will Add New Gods And A New Hero

Ubisoft has revealed big plans for Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC, including a new realm based on Chinese mythology and some new playable heroes.

Ubisoft has announced the post-launch plans for Immortals Fenyx Rising, its new open world action game. The game is a new IP for Ubisoft, a distinct take on the Greek mythology that the company capitalized on with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As a matter of fact, the game was directly inspired by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey; specifically, it was inspired by a glitch in the original game that replaced the player’s entire crew with mythical cyclopes.

With the recent release of Assassin’s Creed ValhallaImmortals Fenyx Rising is one of Ubisoft’s most hotly anticipated releases. It may have generated a bit more enthusiasm under its old name, Gods & Monsters, which many fans agree is a much better name. Unfortunately, a lawsuit from Monster Energy forced Ubisoft to change it. Many believe that the new name is a significant downgrade, but Immortals Fenyx Rising isn’t without its supporters as a moniker. Regardless of what it’s called, the game looks like a charming adventure through the annals of Greek mythology, with some pretty clear influence from previous open world games like Breath of the Wild.

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Today Ubisoft UK unveiled the studio’s plans for post-launch content in Immortals Fenyx Rising. These plans take the form of three major expansions. The first, A New God, takes protagonist Fenyx to Olympus, to take part in challenges and trials in a quest to ascend to godhood. The second is called Myths of the Eastern Realm. It shifts the focus of the game entirely to a new realm focused on Chinese mythology, featuring a brand new playable hero. The third and final DLC, The Lost Gods, takes players back to the world of Greek mythology, with a third playable hero exploring the realm in a distinct top-down isometric style, similar to the Diablo series. Ubisoft is emphasizing playstyle progression and character growth in this third DLC, in another bit of inspiration from Diablo. In addition to these three major DLC packs, Ubisoft will be offering a free bonus quest available at launch, as well as a steady stream of free content for players including daily and weekly quests, community challenges, and cosmetics for character customization.

Ubisoft has been transparent about its post-launch content for a lot of games lately. It shared the DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in a similar way. But the DLC roadmap for Immortals Fenyx Rising is also remarkable in that at least two of the expansions feel like entirely new games. Myths of the Eastern Realm is a completely different setting, and The Lost Gods has a totally different gameplay style from the base game. By the time all the DLC has rolled in, Immortals Fenyx Rising might feel more like an anthology than a single game.

This isn’t to say that that’s necessarily a bad thing, of course. The base game content for Immortals Fenyx Rising already looks substantial; it’s doubtful that players will come away from it disappointed. It looks like Ubisoft is forging a new franchise for itself with Immortals Fenyx Rising. One can only hope that it will be successful.

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Source: Ubisoft UK

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