Holiday Shopping Horror Movie Casts Bruce Campbell

A new horror movie, Black Friday, has cast one of the most iconic horror actors in the movie business: Evil Dead’s very own Bruce Campbell.

A new horror movie, Black Friday, has cast one of the most iconic horror actors in the movie business: Bruce Campbell. The shopping holiday that always comes the day after Thanksgiving in the United States has always been ripe for a horror movie, with tales of violence and disrespect filling newsreels on an annual basis ahead of the evening broadcasts. It makes sense that a horror legend will tell this new story, and that the news broke just a week and a half before Black Friday.

Campbell, of course, is one of the most well-known horror actors around. He played Ash Williams in the Evil Dead movies and reprised the character in the series Ash vs. Evil Dead, which came to an end in 2018. Campbell has even hosted a horror film festival in the past. But he has moved away from movies in recent years, with his most recent film credit coming courtesy of Highly Functional back in 2017. That being said, Campbell will be playing Richard Nixon in the film 18 1/2, which is currently without a release date.

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Now, Campbell is returning to the silver screen in Black Friday. According to Deadline, the movie will center on unhappy toy store employees forced to fight against shoppers on the busiest commerce day of the year when an alien parasite causes the shoppers to become murderous. The film had a shoot in Boston on Monday, but it’s not currently clear who the distributor of the film would be or when fans can expect it to come to theaters.

Army of Darkness


Campbell isn’t the only exciting cast member, either. The film will also star Devon Sawa (who starred in the first Final Destination movie) and Michael Jai White, who was the protagonist of Spawn over two decades ago. Other announced cast members are Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth), Stephen Peck, and Ryan Lee. Black Friday will be directed by Casey Tebo, who directed the horror-comedy Happy Birthday in 2016.

While Campbell will always be involved in the Evil Dead franchise in one way or another, his time starring in them has come to an end. It’s nice to know Campbell won’t be done acting in horror movies that intrigue him beyond the franchise that made him famous. Now that Black Friday has landed the biggest star they likely would have imagined, their next task is to make a movie as scary as the reality of Black Friday in the United States.

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Source: Deadline

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