GM Announces OnStar Insurance, Promises Personalized Plans That Factor In Vehicle Usage And Driving Habits

GM’s OnStar has been keeping drivers and their vehicles safe for nearly 25 years, and now they’re branching off into the insurance business.

Dubbed OnStar Insurance, the new offering promises to leverage the company’s “unique understanding” of GM vehicles to provide a “secure, fair, personalized and easy-to-use digital insurance experience for drivers.”

The insurance will be launched later this year and initially available to GM employees who reside in Arizona. However, it be offered to additional customers and the general public in early 2021.

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While GM is adopting a slow and cautious rollout, the company has big plans for OnStar Insurance in the future. In the next few years, they imagine policyholders who have an accident can be immediately connected to dealers who can provide “speed-of-light damage assessments, estimates and loaner car arraignments.” The ultimate goal is to get you back into your own car as soon as possible.

The company also envisions leveraging OnStar technology to promote safer driving habits. GM said this will include “proactive recommendations” which could potentially earn customers discounts.

This is one of the more interesting aspects about OnStar Insurance as the company can offer personalized plans based on your driving habits and how far you travel. The company alluded to this as they promised to take “biased judgement out of insurance shopping by focusing on factors within the customer’s control: individual vehicle usage and rewarding smart driving habits that benefit road safety.”

In a statement, OnStar Insurance Services President Andrew Rose said “We aim to be an industry leader, offering insurance in an innovative way.” Rose added, “GM customers who have subscribed to OnStar and connected services will be eligible to receive discounts, while also receiving fully-integrated services from OnStar Insurance Services.”


Updated: November 18, 2020 — 9:15 pm

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