Aquaman Assembles A Massive Army (And It’s Not Just Fish)

In the finale issue of DC’s Aquaman, Arthur Curry calls an entire army of his friends and allies (and just the ones with fins and gills).

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Aquaman #65

The finale issue of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Aquaman run from DC Comics has arrived, and the former King of Atlantis has never looked more epic. Atlantis and the Seven Kingdoms are on the precipice of war that will forever change the nature of how it’s ruled. As a result, Aquaman is once more locked in combat with his half-brother Orm the Ocean Master, and things seemed pretty bleak for Arthur Curry in the penultimate issue, seeing Orm committing foul play and wounding him. With an entire army at his back and Queen Mera immobilized, it seems as though Orm has achieved his long sought after throne of Atlantis. However, Aquaman calls out with his powers throughout the Seven Seas, amassing an incredible army of his own (and it’s not just made up of fish and sea life).

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After the wild twists and turns that have come from the Seven Kingdoms being brought together under false pretenses for the fake wedding, Queen Mera (though not to Aquaman), announced her wish for the monarchies to end, inciting shock and outrage. Aquaman’s half-brother Orm, who had been amassing an army to take the throne by force, sees his opportunity to stage a coup in the resulting chaos. However, the former King of Atlantis arrives, challenging his half-brother to a duel to decide the fate of Atlantis and the Seven Kingdoms. Obviously, it’s an understatement to say that Arthur Curry has had a lot on his plate lately (not to mention his and Mera’s newborn daughter being kidnapped and recovered).

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Now, Aquaman #65 from DeConnick and artist Miguel Mendonça sees Arthur not doing so great in his duel with Orm, as his half-brother taunts him as he bleeds out. Orm has an army, the Seven Kingdoms, and his trident buried in Arthur’s body. When he asks Arthur what he could possibly have to stop him, Arthur tells Orm one word: “Them”.


Not only does Arthur have his usual legions of sea life, but his call was heard by the pantheon of ocean gods and goddesses having come to his aid, along with Aqualad, and even the Justice League. With the support and power Arthur now has behind him, he offers a chance for Orm to stand down. However, the Ocean Master refuses, demanding that their trial by combat end with death. However, Arthur rejects his demand with an epic left hook that shatters Orm’s helmet.

With Orm out of commission, Mera is freed and a new dawn comes for Atlantis, one without a singular ruler. Not only that, but Arthur later gathers many of the same allies and friends that came together for his army, though this time not for battle. Instead, it’s for his wedding, and Arthur finally marries Mera at the end of the issue, becoming a family with their daughter Andy. As a result, Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run on Aquaman comes to a close like a satisfying end of a chapter, with a new one ready to begin down the line from DC Comics with a new Atlantis, and a new Aquaman.

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