10 Weirdest Foods In The Wizarding World

The Wizarding World is a wonderful place where people can fully automate chores and travel instantaneously everywhere. However, it would still only be half as appealing without a crucial component for world-building: food. After all, if one wants to put as much personality into their fictional world, one can simply do so with the cuisine.

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In the Wizarding World’s case, specifically the UK part, that would be not just delectable delicacies, but also some bizarre selections. Arguably, they make the more normal food stand out. But, those tired of the usual muggle grub might want to check these out. Just be careful not to blow up like Aunt Marge hunting down and scarfing these weird Wizarding World treats.

10 Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans


This unforgettable candy from the first Harry Potter book and film took the world by storm and made people think that regular jelly beans are boring. After all, why settle for standard flavors like lime and lemon when they could vomit and earwax?

On top of being a perfect food for making time pass in a train ride while developing a friendship with a weird redhead, these beans are also good party snacks. The most extreme flavors include booger and farm dirt… whatever constitutes that one. It’s all thanks to Bertie Bott himself, who accidentally created this notorious “sweet” with the first bad flavor being that of a dirty sock—that meant he knew what it tasted like.

9 Chocolate Frogs

Move over, chocolate bars, because these amphibian confectioneries are fitting sweets for those looking to lose weight, too. That’s because they have a tendency to jump and escape once they’ve been unwrapped, as was demonstrated by one wayward piece back in the first film.

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The age-old question about these still stand, though: are they really made out of frogs? Of course not. The Wizarding World likely doesn’t want to spite PETA, so, whoever made the Chocolate Frogs used the magical equivalent of the muggle cocoa called croakoa, and that makes the finished product act like it has an identity crisis.

8 Blood Pops

The name doesn’t sound appealing, does it? It’s either a lollipop made out of blood or coagulated blood blown out with a firecracker. Thankfully, it’s the former, but it’s still disgusting, courtesy of Honeydukes in Hogsmeade. They’re sold in the “Unusual Tastes” section and were first featured in Prisoner of Azkaban when Neville Longbottom bought one which Harry stole.

As for why he did that? Well, it’s young Neville, forgive him for not wondering first whose blood got turned into a lollipop nor not second-guessing the taste of the candy. It’s by far one of the most suspicious treats in Honeydukes’ special candy section.

7 Cockroach Clusters

Since Chocolate Frogs were not exactly made out of frogs, then Cockroach Clusters are probably safe and were likely made with made-up magical cocoa, cocoa-roach maybe? Wrong. This one does the old switcheroo and are pretty much cockroaches covered with a chocolate coating.

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Still, much like Chocolate Frogs, it has an identity crisis. Cockroach Clusters are made to resemble peanuts, so whoever made them can disguise the fact that they made food out of decomposer insects. Being a weird candy, they’re also sold at Honeydukes, and, at one point, Dumbledore even made these his office password, weird headmaster that he is.

6 Maggoty Haggis

Moving on to main courses—or maybe not… and maybe just move back to the weird desserts because next up is a pungent meal from Scotland notorious for its repulsiveness: the haggis. So, the Wizarding World just up and made it even more disgusting by making it maggoty. It’s the standard sheep heart, liver, and lungs except made more available to flies first before being served up.

Why? Because it’s not for the living, thankfully. This dish was served at Nearly Headless Nick’s 500th death day and was the popular food choice among ghosts since they can almost taste it due to how rotten it is. Surprisingly, it’s one of the easiest recipes to replicate, low-effort too.

5 Hagrid’s Stoat Sandwiches

Wounded Hagrid

Turns out Hagrid is also one of the biggest contributors to the Wizarding World’s odd and almost-inedible food. Well, he did bake Harry his first birthday cake ever, so there’s no doubt Hagrid can cook. Can he cook well, though? Absolutely not. But, does he also use the freshest and most staple ingredients? Also, no.

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The best example of that is his sketchy stoat sandwiches. For those who are unfamiliar with whatever those are, stoats are weasels. Hence, this Hagrid hash is the equivalent of a roadkill deer sandwich except the meat is that of a carnivore.

4 Hagrid’s Rock Cakes

Speaking of nigh-inedible Hagrid delights, his rock cakes are literal jaw-droppers since they’re tough enough to break someone’s teeth. Not Hagrid’s, though; he’s half-giant, so that shouldn’t trouble him much. As for those wondering if they’re really made out of rocks, that doesn’t matter since they might as well be.

The only saving grace of Hagrid’s rock cakes is the raisin that he sprinkles on the hard surface of the pastry. Even then, those won’t stop anyone from taking a deliberate trip to the dentist for some fillings after they crunched up a serving of these.

3 Fred And George’s Skiving Snackboxes

There’s actually a confectionery treat that would have given Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans a run for its money, and that’s the Skiving Snackbox from none other than Fred and George Weasley. They mainly appear like regular candy or dessert, but they have labels.

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Those labels then correspond to the thing that they’ll do to the consumer, such as giving them a fever or a nosebleed. Apparently, Fred and George never head of spoiled muggle food, which can also yield similar results and cost less in money but more in toilet paper.

2 Frozen Butterbeer

Ron Weasley Butterbeer

To be fair, this one is a lot tamer compared to the usual servings of Honeydukes’ Unusual Tastes section or even Hagrid’s hut. Nevertheless, it’s weird enough to make some eyebrows raise. The frozen butterbeer is essentially just butterbeer Slurpee.

This slushy beverage is perfect for not-so-hot UK summers where the regular butterbeer just can’t fix. Whether it’s the alcoholic or non-alcoholic variant, these things are also served alongside the regular ones in popular events such as Quidditch tournaments or any other sporting event where the chance of underage death is higher.

1 Sugar Quills With Edible Ink

This is a brilliant idea when one factors in the alarming percentage of students who fidget with their pens by nibbling on them whenever a class is dragging too much. It’s a treat from Honeydukes, as well, and it’s one of the normal ones despite the design idea.

It’s pretty straightforward: a quill that’s made out of candy but can still be used for writing with ink that’s also edible. Although, it can be understandable if students didn’t want to make a habit of bringing these to school, as they could easily mistake real quills and real ink for candy and be forever bullied by Slytherin members afterward.

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