10 Scenes Gene Proved He Was The Funniest Character

Gene Belcher’s one-liners and peppy attitudes make him the funniest character on the show. Although recent seasons of Bob’s Burgers focus on Gene finally growing up, the character began as a hilarious and happy-go-lucky boy. Gene is free-spirited, kind, and loved by all. His ability to see the vivacity in even the most mundane things has made audiences fall in love with him.

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A proud mama’s-boy, Gene is a character facing his flaws and learning how to be a good brother and a good person. Audiences have followed him as he unlearns selfishness and learns who he is as the funniest Belcher family member.

10 When He Invented Tra-shion


In ‘Tina Tailor Soldier Spy’, Gene helps Tina find a mole in the Thunder Girls by going through their trash. He is adamant that finding half-eaten sandwiches will be the perfect clue. What he finds instead are old clothes belonging to different Thunder Girls. When he proudly models the findings of his investigation, he introduces his creation as ‘Tra-shion’. Even better, he convinces Bob, who asks Gene to pick something out for him the next time he goes digging. But not before noting that Gene needs a tetanus shot.

9 When He Fell In Love With An Outside Toilet

Gene is a simple b0y. Cheese, music, and midnight feasts are his favorite things. When he finds an outside toilet in ‘O.T.: The Outside Toilet’, he must learn to nurture it as his own child. This is Gene’s redemption for accidentally murdering two flour babies that same day.

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Gene shares a comically sad moment with the toilet just before it is shipped back to its owner. He tells the toilet how much he loves it, but the machine does not understand Gene, frustrating the emotionally-wrought boy. ‘This is just sad,” a cop in this scene declares!

8 When He Called Bob’s Body “Disgusting”

Gene loves to insult his dad. He is often shown making fun of Bob’s smell, body, looks, and more. In ‘Sexy Dance Healing’, sexy Brazilian capoeira instructor, Jairo, claims that he can heal Bob. If Bob follows his sexy Brazilian therapy, Jairo claims that Bob will not need surgery. Bob agrees, and Gene hastily attempts to join the embrace shared between Jairo and Bob.

“Heal our dad! Heal his disgusting, broken body,” he shouts aloud. In response, Bob furrows his eyebrows in anger at being insulted.

7 When He Became A Man

The arc of Gene’s character is the tension between his childhood and his adulthood. Gene loves his mom in many hilariously unhealthy ways. Add two sisters, and Gene is starved for older male influences. When he re-encounters Louise’s life-long enemy, Logan, he betrays sibling loyalty in return for being a man.

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Logan high fives Gene after forcing Louise to “smell” him, and Gene decides that his “hand is a man now!” Despite Louise’s objections, Gene cannot resist the enemy’s “violent and satisfying” high five. He joins the self-titled “Mile High Five Club.”

6 When He Introduced Us To Ken

In one of Gayle’s funniest episodes, Bob hangs up his kids’ paintings in the restaurant to cover up Gayle’s explicit paintings. In true Bob’s Burgers fashion, Tina and Gene’s paintings are incredibly problematic. Titled, ‘Art Crawl’ Gene introduces us to Ken in this episode. Gene’s painting is of a “ninja robot fighting a vampire tape recorder at Stonehenge.” Even more problematic, Gene paints “Ken”, his “real” 28-year-old albino friend who does improvised hip-hop. Gene’s friendship with Ken remains solid through the seasons despite Ken being “real”, much to Bob’s irritation.

5 When He Created His Own Band

The title of the Season 5 episode, ‘Itty Ditty Ditty Committee’ sets the stage for another humorous, Gene-centered episode. Gene creates his own band, called The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee wherein the band only knows one song. Simplistically, it is not just one song, but also one note played over and over again. The lyrics are such that only a child turned musical prodigy could create.

“Burgers and fries, I want some burgers and fries

Well, there’s some right here!

Don’t you tell me no lies!”

4 When He Mooned The Police

Mort the Mortician regrets offering to drive the Belchers around in ‘Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks’. This begins with Louise and Gene going on a trip in the hearse with him. They badger him with nonsensical questions, ending with Gene mooning the cop escorting a funeral procession. Mort is mortified, and the cop is understandably angry. “Take that Popo!” Louise screams from the hearse, as Mort bashfully apologizes.

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Later on, Gene and Louise crash a house opening, further embarrassing Mort. Gene uses the toilet, and takes a shower, leaving the house nude, and losing a sale for the realtor.

3 When He Went As Queen Latifah For Halloween

Gene’s humor is very random. The second Belcher child finds the funny in everything. In ‘Full Bars’, he dresses as rapper/actress Queen Latifah during her U.N.I.T.Y phase. Linda does not get the costume until Gene explains it to her. Gene’s cognizance of this particular political phase of Queen Latifah’s career, as well as the broader political context of hip-hop at the time, is incredibly smart for an 11-year-old boy. His free-spiritedness is mirrored in his openness to dress as an artist with whom he has nothing in common artistically.

2 When He Decided To Have His Own Super Bowel

At the start of ‘Easy Commercial, Easy Gommercial’, Gene confides to his family that he is having his own “Super Bowel blowout” during the Super Bowl weekend. He explains that he is holding in all of his BMs until half-time.

“I’m their family! I raised them!” he proclaims, refusing to set his BMs free. By the time his contractions are nine minutes apart, Gene begins to feel the pressure. He lectures Tina for not understanding “the pageantry of the Super Bowel.” Nonetheless, he is not able to hold it past half-time and ends up clogging Jimmy Pesto’s toilets.

1 When He Let Himself Go

Gene is devastated to hear that he will look just like Bob when he grows up in ‘Broadcast Wagstaff School News’. “What’s the point of clinging to this, if I’m doomed to be that [Bob]?” he asks dejectedly. He severely insults Bob’s physical features, deciding to let himself go since he has no hope. To Bob’s irritation, Louise gives him a Bob-makeover. Indeed, the whole family, minus Bob, rolls along with this. Tina, awkward as ever, is confused about the presence of a new Bob, further angering the real Bob. The shot-reverse-shot between Bob and mini-Bob in this scene is a Bob’s Burgers classic.

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