Walking Dead Negan Spinoff Still Possible Says Jeffrey Dean Morgan

A Walking Dead spinoff starring everyone’s favorite bat-wielding character, Negan, is still possible according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has not ruled out a Negan spinoff. The zombie drama wrapped up its current storyline last month. Unlike the comics at this point, it appears Negan will be sticking around with the united communities. Those looking forward to seeing Maggie’s reaction to Negan can get a peak thanks to a virtual table reading of the next episode.

Out of all the characters on The Walking Dead, Negan has gone through one of the most interesting arcs. He made his initial presence known by brutally killing Abraham and Glenn. Negan was an antagonist, but different than someone like the Governor. The bat-wielding leader didn’t see himself as evil but rather as a “savior.” Throughout seasons 9 and 10, Negan went through something many non-comic readers probably didn’t think was possible: redemption. It was Negan who managed to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill their leader. It was also Negan who was instrumental in ending the Whisperer War. Many fans have been wanting an adaption of Negan’s origin. That is likely happening in an upcoming episode because Negan’s wife was recently cast. Beyond that, will a Negan-centric spinoff ever happen? It’s not out of the question, according to Morgan.

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One person on Twitter asked Morgan if a Negan spinoff is still possible, inquiring about an adaption of Negan Lives!. Morgan doesn’t say it will happen but does leave the door open.

While disappointing that there isn’t any confirmed plans, it’s encouraging a Negan spinoff isn’t impossible. Like fans, Morgan has stated interest in a spinoff. Back in July, the actor said he’d “love” to do a Negan Lives! movie, as well as adapt the character’s origin in Here’s Negan!. At the very least, the latter is likely happening in one of the six bonus season 10 episodes of The Walking Dead.

It’s interesting considering what a potential Negan spinoff could look like. Viewers have to first see where Negan’s story ends up in the final season of The Walking Dead. Since the character was absent in the final arc of the comics, it’s hard to say what his role will be on the show, but adapting Negan Lives! afterward seems like a good idea. The one-shot story ends with a new journey beginning, so a spinoff show or movie could certainly expand it. For now, fans can look forward to what sounds like many more Negan appearances coming up in The Walking Dead.

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