PS5 Skins Refunded Because Console Is Too Difficult To Customize

Device custom sticker skin producer Dbrand has cancelled and refunded all orders for its PlayStation 5 skin as it ran into design difficulties.

Custom console skin maker Dbrand has cancelled and refunded all PlayStation 5 skin orders, citing the difficulty of creating skins for the next-generation console. Sony’s next-generation console features a rather unorthodox design which includes two white curved panels flanking a black center assembly. Its two-toned color theme came as quite a surprise for many when it was unveiled earlier this year.

After the PS5 was unveiled, fans were eager to find out whether Sony would announce another color option for the console and its accessories in time for their release earlier this week. Unfortunately, the company recently confirmed that the PS5 would not be available in any other colors or designs at launch. However, it’s still possible that Sony will eventually release a different color option for the PS5 and it’s almost expected that special editions of the console designed after specific games will be released in the future.

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Sadly, those who were hoping they could at least skin their PS5 to change its color will have to keep looking. In a post on Reddit, Dbrand announced that its decision to cancel and refund orders for PS5 skins stemmed from the difficulty of creating a full-coverage skin for the console that could also be easily applied by users, given its unusual design. The company mentioned that it had no desire to sell a full-coverage PS5 skin that would only lead to customer complaints due to how difficult it would be to apply.

Dbrand also mentioned that while an easy-to-apply skin would be possible, it would not be able to cover the entirety of the PS5 and would leave the sides and interior portions of the console’s side panels still exposed and white, which is not what the company wants to deliver. The company also provided sample photos of what a “simple to apply” version of a PS5 skin would look like and referenced a similar skin that popular YouTuber Dave2D made.

It looks like people who really want to change the color of their PS5s will have to wait a bit longer for a more optimal solution or just settle for a skin that doesn’t provide full coverage of the PS5. While the idea of custom panels for the PS5 recently became popular, it looks like it might be even harder to produce than a skin, as Sony recently threatened legal action against a company that was taking preorders for custom PS5 panels, citing copyright infringement. It looks like people will just have to stick their two-tone PS5s for a bit longer.

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Source: Dbrand/Reddit


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