PS5 Simulator Is a Game That Lets You Pretend You Got a PS5 Pre-Order

PS5 Simulator, a game from Alex Grade, helps fans who missed out on getting one at launch pretend they have Sony’s new PlayStation 5 console.

A new game from developer Alex Grade called PS5 Simulator allows fans who missed out on PlayStation 5 pre-orders to pretend they managed to get one of Sony’s new consoles. The PS5 launch period has been a tumultuous one for both Sony and consumers, as the console has been in short supply and plagued by a number of issues that range from inconveniences to outright dangerous.

The big talking point in the early days of the PS5 era has been the Spider-Man: Miles Morales storage glitch that can threaten to brick a console in the worst case scenario. While that hasn’t been addressed as of yet, it’s likely going to be fixed in short order by Sony, possibly in time for the PS5 launch in the UK and other regions on November 19, 2020. Besides some technical hiccups, the other story surrounding the PlayStation 5 is just how hard it’s been to find, with PS5 pre-orders difficult to come by and restocks looking like risky propositions for those trying to purchase a console prior to the holiday season.

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Luckily for those who missed out on PS5 pre-orders, there’s a small solution that will at least raise their spirits a little. PS5 Simulator is a game from solo developer Alex Grade that allows players to pretend they actually managed to snag a PS5 pre-order when they were available, and goes through pretty much the entire process after that – unboxing the console from its delivery packaging, setting it up with questionable cable management, and then turning it on. Of course, PS5 Simulator doesn’t let players actually go hands-on with any titles for the console, but the simulation is funny, well-thought out, and timely, and speaks to the many fans who are still excited for the console but weren’t able to acquire one.

PS5 Simulator Open Box


Some of the game’s features are also pretty amusing in their own right, especially in the way Grade describes them. The best is certainly “worst cable management include – just like in real life” but a nice nod to the physics engine gets high marks too. PS5 Simulator is exactly the kind of tongue-in-cheek creativity game developers have become known for, especially those who make smaller indie titles, and it’s a welcome break from the constant discussion surrounding PS5 pre-orders and where to find them.

Those who want to enjoy PS5 Simulator can do so by downloading the game from Alex Grade’s page, which is provided in the source link below. It’s a fun distraction even for the lucky few who did manage to get a PS5 pre-order, though players who meet that description may want to refrain from identifying themselves as such to those whose only interaction with a PlayStation 5 right now exists in simulation.

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