PS5 Is Actually the Best Deal For Players In Sony Console History

The PlayStation 5 is surprisingly not the most expensive console Sony has ever released, when compared to previous consoles adjusted for inflation.

In a surprising finding, the new PlayStation 5 is not the most expensive PlayStation Sony has ever released, at least when adjusted for inflation. One could be forgiven for assuming that the PS5 would be the priciest since it is advertised as the best-ever Sony console but its predecessors actually cost more in today’s money. Fans may not be able to take advantage of that for a while, though, as scalpers are currently selling the PS5 for outrageous prices online.

The finding is extremely surprising considering the excitement that has surrounded the current-gen console since it was first announced. It appears that the bargain price comes at a cost, as players are struggling to even get the opportunity to own what is deemed to be the most powerful PlayStation ever assembled. PS5s keep selling out at major retailers across the country after  fans found it to be particularly difficult to pre-order the system before launch. The pandemic and high demand are major factors behind all of this, and it’s not known yet when supply will become more stable.

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According to Forbes, the PS5 Digital Edition is the cheapest console Sony has ever released when the prices of previous consoles are adjusted for inflation. Next up is the PS4, which cost $447 in today’s money when it was released. The PS2 came in third, with its $299 price tag in 2000 adding up to $457 today. While the standard PlayStation 5 costs $100 more compared to its digital edition, it still comes in as the fourth-cheapest console. Maybe most surprisingly, the original PlayStation comes in at $514. However, the PS3 ends up being the most expensive console ever, with its $499 2006 price translating to $652 today.

The PlayStation logo on the PlayStation 4 dashboard.


While comparing the PS5 to the modern-day equivalent prices for other consoles doesn’t make it any easier to shell out $500 for, it does put some things in perspective. It may seem like gamers had it easy when saving up for a PS2, but in terms of how much value that money had back then, the picture is much different. Still, the latest console launches came at an extremely difficult time for many people, with the ongoing pandemic making gaming the furthest thing from some people’s minds, and making expensive purchases even more difficult to make.

Even for those willing to take advantage of the technically low price of the PS5 are having trouble this year. PS5 pre-orders were hard to come by, and getting a console after launch has proven to be even more difficult. This lack of supply has frustrated enthusiastic fans, who have had to deal with multiple delays up to this point, but it is worth pointing out that PS5 restocks are happening. This means that more gamers will soon be able to get their hands on the most powerful Sony console that also happens to be the cheapest to buy.

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Source: Forbes

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