Parking Spot Dispute Spirals Out Of Control As Car Crashes Into Bakery


A dispute over a parking space quickly spiraled out of control and ended with an Audi crashing through the front window of a bakery.

According to CBS New York, the incident happened in Queens yesterday after four men got into a fight over a parking spot.

While it’s not entirely clear how the incident started, witnesses told the station one of the men grabbed a baseball bat and used it to attack the Audi driver. They then reportedly attempted to damage his car and this apparently sent the man into a rage.

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Witnesses said the driver of the Audi got back into his car and then attempted to mow down the people he was fighting with.

Thankfully his aim wasn’t very good as he missed and plowed into the Rainbow Bakery, which was celebrating its grand opening. While it’s fortunate that no one was killed, at least two people suffered injuries from broken glass.

All four men were arrested and the station says they’ll be charged with assault. Of course, that’s little solace to the bakery’s owner who told ABC 7 they spent of lot of money renovating the building. On the bright side, the bakery was insured so hopefully it will reopen soon.

While a fight over a parking space should never turn violent, at least one person is pointing blame at mayor Bill de Blasio. ABC 7 talked to Andy Chen, who is from the Asian American Community Empowerment group, and he said “This is one issue happening every minute, every day, people fighting over a parking spot when they eliminate over 100 parking spots on Main Street.”


Updated: November 17, 2020 — 10:24 pm

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