Harry Potter: 10 Creatures The Movies Didn’t Show

The Harry Potter movies do a stellar job of showing fans the different creatures that live within the wizarding world. We see House-Elves like Dobby and Kreacher, goblins like Griphook and Bodrod, and other beasts like Thestrals, giants, and three-headed dogs over the course of the series.

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The films didn’t have enough screentime to cram every in every creature from the novels, however, meaning fans of solely the films aren’t aware of other creations from JK Rowling. So, we’ll now take a look at 10 creatures that the blockbusters didn’t show.

10 Nifflers

Niffler in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them sitting on a pile of money in the bank


Nifflers are now known, having appeared in both Fantastic Beasts movies released so far. They’re cute and cuddly little creatures that are able to sniff out treasure and gold from a mile away. That makes them pretty bad pets, but they still have their uses regardless, and Dolores Umbridge finds that out for herself in the Order of the Phoenix book.

Lee Jordan, who is close friends with mischief-makers Fred and George Weasley, hilariously puts the creature inside her office, where it duly causes absolute mayhem. Umbridge suspects Rubeus Hagrid is to blame, and Lee feels bad when the half-giant becomes the number-one suspect. However, the prank was worth it, as it gave the loathsome Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher a big problem.

9 Bowtruckles

Another species the Fantastic Beasts movies have shown us is Bowtruckles. They’re like big green stick insects, but far more dangerous. They have extremely sharp teeth and long fingers with vicious claws, which they use to gouge at the eyes of anybody who threatens them. For the most part, they’re harmless, but it’s best not to antagonize them.

Students learn about the things in the Order of the Phoenix book when Professor Grubbly-Plank is filling in for Hagrid, who is on a secret mission at the time. Pupils enjoy the lesson, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione are determined not to enjoy themselves too much out of loyalty to their friend.

8 Flobberworm


Flobberworms are harmless creatures and aren’t considered particularly interesting or exciting. But, that doesn’t stop Draco Malfoy from claiming to Rita Skeeter in the Goblet of Fire book that they’d attacked him, with the Slytherin student eager to paint a picture of Hagrid as a bad teacher.

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Hagrid teaches students about Flobberworms after ‘”losing his nerve” following Buckbeak the Hippogriff’s attack on Draco in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Everybody finds them really dull to study about, despite what had happened with Buckbeak beforehand. Severus Snape makes Harry sort through them in detention during the Half-Blood Prince novel, which proves to be a rather laborious experience for the Boy Who Lived.

7 Hinkypunk

Also in the Prisoner of Azkaban book, Harry and his Gryffindor peers learn about Hinkypunks in Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons with Professor Lupin. They’re small, one-legged creatures with the appearance of wispy smoke. They try and lure travelers off their paths at night, often into dangerous bogs or dams. They’re also capable of propelling fireballs and are known to cause trouble to witches, wizards, and muggle-borns alike.

The video game of the same name sees you overcome them during a lesson, and they’re involved in Harry’s Defence Against the Dark Arts exam at the end of his third year. They successfully manage to trick Ron, meaning he misses out on scoring top marks, much to his annoyance.

6 Doxy

The Potter movie video games often did a good job of showcasing some of the creatures from within JK Rowling’s world, and that includes Doxies. They’re mischievous little things with poisonous bites, and, if they’re successful in chomping on you, you’d best find an antidote fast. The little creatures can kill you if you fail to get treatment, meaning they’re not to be trifled with.

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That said, Fred and George Weasley use their venom for their Skiving Snackboxes during their final year at Hogwarts. The vile Cormac McLaggen once ate a whole pound of Doxy eggs that prevented him from trying out for the position of Keeper within the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, all for a bet. As if he didn’t seem idiotic enough…

5 Blast-Ended Skrewts

Blast-Ended Skrewt in Harry Potter

Hagrid loves a dangerous pet, and that means that, when his students express their disgust at Blast-Ended Skrewts in the Goblet of Fire novel, he takes great offense. Blast-Ended Skrewts are a cross between Fire Crabs and Manticores. They have two heads and are capable of biting, stinging, and burning all at once, and they also grow to a size of up to 10 feet. Not exactly something we’d like to keep in our gardens.

Skrewts are used in the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, with Harry having to battle his way past them in order to obtain the prize. They actually end up killing their own kind, so a battle with the Boy Who Lived is the least of their worries. Skrewts are loathed by just about everybody, and even Harry, Ron and Hermione are incapable of saying a nice word about them—but who can blame them?

4 Sphinx

The Goblet of Fire movie doesn’t show the third Triwizard task in great detail, and that means that fans were deprived of seeing a Sphinx. Harry has to overcome this in the dangerous maze and was given a tricky riddle he had to solve. We’d have given up and walked away, but, fortunately, the Hogwarts pupil gets the answer right and is free to proceed.

This isn’t the only time Harry has to answer a riddle correctly during the series. He and Hermione Granger have to do so in the potion’s room in the Sorcerer’s Stone novel, while it must be answered correctly if you’re to gain entry to Ravenclaw Tower.

3 Giant Squid

Harry Potter Hogwarts Giant Squid

If you’ve not read any of the Potter books, you can be forgiven for thinking only Mermaids and Grindylows live within The Great Lake at Hogwarts. They’re seen in the Goblet of Fire novel during the second task in which Harry has to retrieve a loved one from the water’s depths. But, what the movies don’t show or mention is the Giant Squid.

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The Squid doesn’t seem to be a threat, nudging Dennis Creevey back onto his boat when he falls in the lake on his way to Hogwarts. Fred, George, and Lee used to tickle the creature, too, and Ron once thought Tom Riddle got an award for special services to the school because he stopped a teacher from being eaten. But, given how docile it seems, this is unlikely to be the case.

2 Ghoul

Harry Potter Ghoul In Pyjamas At The Burrow Spattergroit Weasley

When Harry first visits The Burrow in the Chamber of Secrets book, he’s introduced to the Weasley’s family ghoul. It’s a horrible creature that spends its time making plenty of noise, preventing the family from getting a nice night’s sleep. However, the ghoul actually proves to be useful when Harry, Ron, and Hermione go on the run during the Deathly Hallows novel.

Ron transforms the creature to look like himself with spattergroit, a threatening and contagious illness. This is so that, when the Death Eaters come by, they’ll think the youngest Weasley boy has been struck down and is unable to attend Hogwarts. It’s a rare moment of brightness from Ron, and his plan is supported by most of his family members, with the exception of his mother. It seems to do the trick, too, because the Weasleys stay safe until the Battle of Hogwarts.

1 Poltergeist

There are several characters the Potter movies leave out. Ludo Bagman, Charlie Weasley, Bertha Jorks, and Professor Binns all never made it onto the big screen, and that’s the same for Peeves the Poltergeist. He’s a mischievous figure in the books, causing trouble throughout his time at Hogwarts regardless of the consequences, but fans of the films never got to see the trickster in action.

English actor Rik Mayall was cast in the role but, all his scenes were cut from The Sorcerer’s Stone without his knowledge. He later described the movie as being “s***,” so it’s no surprise he didn’t appear further down the line. While it’s understandable he was cut because of time, we still can’t help but feel his character being snubbed represented a big missed opportunity.

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