Everything To Know About Deckhand James Hough

Below Deck fans want to know everything there is to know about the British bad boy, heartthrob, and new deckhand James Hough. What’s his story?

Fans of Below Deck are dying to know more about new deckhand James Hough. What was his story before joining the reality TV world?

The crew of Below Deck season eight has only just departed for the wide-open ocean. With the exception of the sea-worthy Captain Lee and bosun, Eddie Lucas, all faces aboard the yacht are new. But despite the new arrivals, the gossip, hookups, and arguments appear to be the same. Fans are looking forward to watching the Captain keep all the greenhorns in line. The newest season filmed right before the worldwide pandemic hit, giving viewers pleasant memories of old times. However, it does seem even the crew will eventually be affected by COVID-19, as teasers for season eight suggest.

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James Hough is the devastatingly good-looking new deckhand who is about to board My Seanna. You can find him online at his Instagram handle, @jamesrhough. He is a man who likes to work hard, but play even harder. According to his bio on Bravo, James was born and raised in the United Kingdom and received a private education. The newest Bravo star soon realized that schoolbooks were not his strong suit, and dropped out of college after only two weeks. The season 8 Below Deck trailer shows James’ love for the ladies and how he will shamelessly flirt for the attention of any girl or stewardess on the yacht. You can see his good looks on full display in the Instagram post below:

James first tried yachting when he went to Southern France in Antibes, but almost got himself fired from his first job due to his flirty personality. Many viewers may find his good looks and charm to be a bit much, while others will inevitably fall for his sweet talk. If he is as hard a worker as he claims to be, James will surely win over Captain Lee, who does not mince his words when it comes to calling out his crew.

Every show needs a Casanova, and for this new season of Below Deck, it looks like James will happily take on the role. Fans are interested to see which one of the stewardesses falls for his charm, and who gets him into trouble. Captain Lee already made it very clear that there would be no crying in yachting, so the serial dater will have to shape up or ship out.

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Below Deck airs Monday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Source: James Hough, Bravo

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