DC’s New Wonder Girl Comic & Costume Revealed

DC Comics revealed that Yara Flor, the Future State Wonder Woman, will be getting her own comic series ahead of a potential TV show on the CW.


DC Comics has unveiled a brand new iteration of Wonder Girl, with a fresh, but familiar face donning the mantle in DC’s future. Deadline reports that Yara Flor, who will become Wonder Woman in the upcoming Future State event, will be getting her own comic series from Joelle Jones (Catwoman) that will seemingly run alongside the upcoming Future State: Wonder Woman series.

Last month, DC revealed their next epic line-wide event. Future State will spin out of the events of the current Dark Nights: Death Metal series and see a handful of new characters take over the role of legacy heroes. From Flor as the new Wonder Woman, to Jon Kent as the new Superman, to Jess Chambers as the new Flash, to even the return of Red X to the Teen Titans, huge changes are coming the universe. Future State also assembles some of DC’s top talents with new and emerging voices in the comic scene.

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Deadline’s report reveals that the comic series will follow Flor, a Brazillian/Latina Dreamer who learns she’s actually a Brazillian River God and assumes the role of Wonder Girl. In the comics, Donna Troy has typically held the role of Wonder Girl, although there have been many different versions that have come and gone. The announcement also debuted Flor’s new Wonder Girl costume – which is, unsurprisingly, a pretty stellar design from Jones.


For those wondering if these new Future State characters were going to be one-and-done in the event, Flor’s time as Wonder Girl seems to be an indication DC has big plans both pre- and post-event. In exciting news, a show on the CW starring Flor is also in development by Greg Berlanti. Queen of the South EP Sailyn Rodriguez is writing the show. Wonder Girl would be the first DC Comics show to star a Latina heroine. Here’s a synopsis from Deadline:

Written by Rodriguez, Wonder Girl centers on Yara Flor, a Latina Dreamer who was born of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God, learns that she is Wonder Girl. With her newfound power must fight the evil forces that would seek to destroy the world.

Ultimately, the news of the comic and television series is an exciting and interesting development. Flor was already one of the most intriguing characters to debut in the Future State reveal, so to see that DC Comics has big plans for Wonder Girl hypes her up even more. And the fact that a show is already being developed before Future State has even launched shows there’s also a lot of confidence in the character. For those wanting to check out Flor’s adventures, she will appear in the upcoming Future State: Wonder Woman and Future State: Justice League titles which are set to launch in January.

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Source: Deadline

Wonder Girl Concept Art

Wonder Girl Show With Latina Star In The Works At The CW

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