Daniele Donato Breaks Silence With Long Apology To Ian

Daniele Donato broke her social media silence to apologize for the microaggressions and Ian Terry comments that she made on Big Brother 22: All-Stars.

Daniele Donato Briones finally broke her social media silence to apologize for all the Ian Terry comments and additional microaggressions that she made on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. The Big Brother fans got very excited when they heard that Dani Donato had been cast on this second-ever season of All-Stars. For one, many argue that Daniele was as deserving of winning BB8 as her father Evel Dick Donato. Secondly, she made what is considered the boldest game move on BB13, taking a shot at the alliance of returning players and being ultimately responsible for evicting Brendon Villegas and Jeff Schroeder. Unfortunately, that bold move also caused Dani herself to be evicted.

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But it didn’t take long for the fans to be surprised at Dani Donato’s Big Brother 22 gameplay. As it turned out, she chose to align with Nicole Franzel over Janelle Pierzina, who was thought of as being a lifelong friend of hers. She also preferred playing with Cody Calafiore and with Da’Vonne Rogers over old-school players like Memphis Garrett, Enzo Palumbo, and Kaysar Ridha. Some fans thought that Dani’s strategy had something to do with how old-school players got destroyed by new-school winners on Survivor: Winners At War. However, when Daniele became the first Committee alliance member to get evicted, the viewers’ worst fears were proven to be right.

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Daniele Donato Briones had been completely silent on social media since the Big Brother: All-Stars finale. Even on Dom Briones’ Instagram and Twitter pages, there were always just pictures of him and their daughter Tennessee, but no Dani anywhere to be found. On Tuesday, November 17, Daniele finally broke her long-standing silence on social media. In a tweet (seen below), Dani Donato shared a long statement where she owned up to all of her mistakes on the show and apologized to the people that she hurt. She specifically mentioned Ian Terry: “Certain comments I made sounded like I was saying he was faking being on the spectrum and I need to know that is not what I meant.” She then added: “I also want to specifically apologize for every comment that I made that was a microaggression.”

In conclusion, Daniele Donato ended her BB22 self-reflection by saying: “I know I’m not just some ignorant white girl, but I also know that from time to time I do make ignorant comments and again, I’m still learning.” The fans were quick to notice that Ian Terry replied to Dani’s long statement with a smiley face emoji (as seen above). The fans are assuming that this means that Ian accepts Dani’s apology and is ready to move on from this situation. Nicole Franzel has also mentioned in certain interviews that she did personally reach out to Ian after she left the BB22 house and that she’s actively working on rebuilding their friendship.

The Big Brother 22: All-Stars post-season never fails to amaze the fans. This is by far the most active post-season in the history of the show, and it has been ironically more eventful than the season itself.

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Sources: Daniele Donato Briones’ Twitter


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